Thursday, February 23, 2017

{B250} Google Ad words

We are working on getting our ads up this week.  It was an interesting beginning because I was not sure what was truly wanted and I am horrible at communicating sometimes.  This is one of those weeks.  But I have awesome classmates and thankfully because of them I did the assignments well and figured out and learned a bit better of ad words through google ads.  I am getting my website ready to  launch and sell and that is exciting.

It has been a slow week on the school front and that is good, everywhere else, is crazy busy and I am sick and struggling to decide when I can go get a bum shot to make me feel better.  I just want to sleep, but there are classes and school meetings and assemblies and board meeting, doctor appointments and practices, scouts and young women and church.  So I pick myself up, grab a box of tissue, say apologies occasionally, have Rob make cereal and sandwiches this week.  I think tonight is take out pizza.  Sometimes we just hang in there and that is ok.

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