Friday, August 27, 2010

Four seasons

 Happy Fall done with mod podge and apples and pumpkins
pumpkin close up
Happy Winter with snowmen and snowflakes
Happy Spring with pink flowers
Happy Summer with watermelon
I want to have a craft night at my house, Thursday September 30th at 6pm.  These are the two projects we are can do one of these and two of the one below...if interested leave me a comment, I have limited space!

This Project is $13 to make and it comes with all you see here, vinyl, paint, paper and wood, only one of these per person is available...if interested in doing this, let me know, leave a comment:)

Happy Halloween with pumpkin
Happy Thanksgiving is on the back side
This project is $8 and it comes with the vinyl, ribbon and wood, you can do two of these...if interested leave me a comment:)

If you'd like the vinyl to do it at your home it is $9 for the four seasons for all the vinyl.  The hanging Thanksgiving and Halloween vinyl is $7.  Each can be shipped for $1.50 or if you are ordering more than one of each I will have to send you a quote on shipping so leave a comment:)

If you'd like a completed project of either of these leave a comment and I can give you a quote with shipping!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I LOVE grocery shopping

Well besides the fact that I get to spend money...really what girl doesn't:)  Today I found the best deals...and even though I spent over my $110 budget for two weeks, yes we do...I included my other needs, laundry soap, pull ups, bleach and fabric softener...which I love

Here are just a few of the great deals and can I brag on Publix for a bit...I LOVE THEM...they are great friendly and help me with my on to the subject at hand...Publix is great for finding coupons hidden all over the store and I am a coupon shopper that is why I can spend $149 and save that much and more.  So the deals were A-MAZ-ING today...starting with PG & E products such as, downy which I had a $1 store coupon and $1.25 manufacture coupon...combine them and I save $2.25 and it was on sale saving $1.  Then tide which I love and it is my favorite but it is also my most expensive all the time purchase.  Tide was on sale with the store coupon of $1 and my manufacturer coupon for $1.50 combined for $2.50 off...awesome! Then there was I usually do the generic Target brand but it was on sale and with the $1 off coupon it was the same price as generic and then the kicker...because I bought these three things I got FREE bounty paper towels...that is only the beginning...I bought yogurt for 50 cents a four pack, chex snack mix for 70 cents for the 15 oz bag, nilla wafers were BOGO and they had coupons for $1 off each if you baught pudding or jello...well the discount section had jello for half price so, SCORE ME!  I bought dove chocolate my fave for $1 a bag after my BOGO and coupon and nature valley granola bars for $1 after the sale with my coupons.  Great thing about Publix is they accept competitors coupons  which is great when Ben and Jerry's ice cream is on sale BOGO.  Also if you belong to the Blue Bell club(free) every month they send you by email a coupon for $1 off and you can print them off twice per month...I think though my best deal today was Campbell Select soup BOGO and if you go to there website there is a $1 off coupon per can and you can print two again so each can of soup cost 18 cents and 19 eh?!  So that is it...I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING!

So thank you Publix for making my shopping experience wonderful today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



I really love my machine but would love all the extra's this one take a look and if you want enter, if not for yourself, FOR ME:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Believe in Yourself}

{Believe in Yourself}

I have TWO left in RED.  
They measure 2x6 and come with two rhinestones for the dots on the 'i'.
Vinyl only is $1.50 each plus free shipping.  Let me know if you are interested.

Monday, August 16, 2010


These are only the first three days of our vacation which I extended was summer and a vacation.  
The first day we tie dyed our fourth of July shirts, the second day was spent at Hunting Island State Park Beach with family.  I should mention we stayed with my SIL and her family in Beaufort SC...we had a blast.  
The third day was the FOURTH OF JULY and we went to Paris Island to watch the fire works which were amazing and the fun thing was they had games and bounces, face painting, tattoes and FREE FOOD for all.  When we thought the fireworks were over there then became a fireworks feud with another Islands fireworks, so they went back and forth for several long minutes...maybe 30 minutes.  So wonderful...we've already started planning for next year! 
More pictures to come:)


 B's first day of school with Dinner(the dog)
posing 8 years old 2010-2011 school year
C's first day of Kindergarten...holding his Teacher's gift
New butcher block table  from...IKEA
look it's 6 feet plus long!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


That's right, I did it...after seeing beautiful, wonderful blogs that had all these gadgets I finally figured out how to do it BY MYSELF because the computer guru I'm married to for almost 10 years( yes that's right just a few days shy of that milestone) told me I'd(meaning HE) have to research it...but I did...I Google'd what I wanted and there was a tutorial and so now my other blog which you can find here has most of what I want to add.  I am still looking into adding paypal but that will have to wait for now.  But at least now you can get most of the info you need there and so I leave it for tonight.  But I DID IT!  So don't complain if it's wrong. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

School's Starting

Now that school is back in session, or almost...what better way to show off there things...these magnets are approximately 3x5 and I also have 4x4, you choose the color and font. The size in the picture is $4.00 and the other is $3.50. Shipping is always priority for $5.00, for as many as fit in the box.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My friend died today

Today my friend died. A boy I new through school, who became a man, gave of himself died because of the selfless act of love for his brother. It had risks, but no one thought this would happen. Here is some of what his family said, in their words...
Wednesday, July 28, 2010 10:12 PM, CDT
As many of you know, Ryan's brother Chad is in the final stages of liver disease. Tomorrow the doctors will remove Chad's liver, and then take 2/3 of Ryan's liver and transplant it into Chad. An amazing medical procedure, but one that comes with serious risks. They will be going into surgery here in Denver early tomorrow morning. We can't thank you enough for your prayers, they mean the world to us. And we look forward to delivering a positive report.
(Shannon, Ryan, Chad, Christine)
Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:15 AM, CDT
Hello all. This is Shannon. Just thought I would update you as to how our days have transpired. Last night we all ate together then went to Chad's home to pray together laugh together and have communion. Ryan has really felt mostly peace, his demeanor really helps to keep me calm.

This morning we arrived at 5:30 AM. . . . I'll let that sink in. . . . AM, people. When we arrived at the hospital we waited. (ahem)
We've laughed, made a lot of lame liver jokes, had some touching moments. It's been good. There is a local media team here covering the story. I was a little apprehensive about this, however, they are so congenial, it's been nice to talk with them.

I accompanied Ryan to the pre-op where various people took turns with their torture techniques and I'm guessing took bets as to which one could scare us into bolting with their worse case scenario warnings. However, it's still a go :-)

Ryan has been in surgery for almost 2 hours, Chad just went in. Their surgery is timed so that 2 teams work separately, yet together.Thanks for your prayers
Chad pre-op

Ryan post-op

Friday, July 30, 2010 11:59 AM, CDT
Hey everyone. I just got done reading all of your messages in the guestbook to Ryan. Wow. Overwhelming. Your words and kindness have been so special in a time like this. Thank you.

Ryan is doing well this morning. Groggy from the medicine but farely comfortable. Most of the pain he feels is in his shoulder which is referred pain from the diaphram, where (I believe) part of the liver was dissected from. Crazy. I guess it's the body's way of one-upping the epidural which is blocking the pain around his midsection.

Ryan is still in the ICU. But, we will be transferred to the main transplant floor soon. He was kept here as more of a precaution.

It's been a sweet time here, really an amazing thing. It's taken awhile for it all to sink in, Chad is functioning with Ryan's liver . . . almost doesn't seem real. I've had some ups and downs, I've been fortunate enough previous to this, that all of the chords and beeping and grogginess and surgery recovery situations is new, foreign and a little (ok alot) scary. Luckily I've avoided anyone having to witness the ugly cry. I know recovery will be a long road, and we watch their reactions, levels, and all of the machines carefully. I hope I'm a more sensitive person after this when someone else goes through tough times. Your messages and kindness, meals (Ade . . . no words) are a huge gift. Thanks.

Sunday, August 1, 2010 10:18 AM, CDT
Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse last night. Ryan went code blue and was resuscitated. He is now in critical condition.

We ask that you stand in faith and fight with us. Pray with authority in Jesus' name. Pray for healing and restoration of every cell in his body. Death can't have him.
Monday, August 2, 2010 2:12 PM, CDT
Doctor's report came back with no brain activity. Seems that Ry has been in heaven, likely experiencing the glory of God, catching up with his uncle, his grandpa, his friend Jason's dad and little boy.

Life support hasn't been removed yet. We'd like him to come back to us, but we can't imagine the glory of where he's at.
I'll miss you, little bro. We love you so much. God, show us the path to guide our family through this. We covet your peace.

- Janelle

Monday, August 2, 2010 11:04 PM, CDT Ryan went to be with Jesus this afternoon.

Ryan was a Godly man, a loving husband, an amazing father and a great friend. Our prayer is that his life and his story of selfless love will be a testimony to many, now and in the years to come.

Our family is touched by the love, scripture and encouragement you all have poured out to us over the past few days. Thank you for overwhelming us with support and lifting our arms when we've had no strength. We are deeply touched.

Please share Ryan's story for us. We want his legacy to live on.

This reminds me of another man who loved his family so much that he sacrificed it all...knowing for him the consequences were death. Jesus Christ was his name and because of him and his sacrifice I know that Ryan is once again smiling and with family. Even though Ryan didn't know this would be the outcome, he loved his family so much that it was the chance he was willing to take to save his brother.
What a ache I have knowing that Shannon, Ryan's wife has to start this road ahead raiseing three young boys by herself...she is a strong woman and will succeed with the help of her family, friends and Heavenly father and Jesus Christ.

Ryan and I were friends, not best and we didn't hang out together but friends like many of the friends I had in high school. What I remember most is his beautiful smile. I will always remember that smile.Chad and Ryan

This is the Ryan I has been 14 years since I've seen him and like I said before I may not have been great friends with him but I still call him a Friend. Til we meet again, my friend. Always, Ranee