Sunday, May 31, 2009

shopping deals deals this week came from my fave grocer, Publix. I was able to spend $35 and save $28 after taxes. The deals were many...they were doing a buy the name brand and I'll give you the store brand so special K cereal and the store brand FREE and special K cearel bars and piblix FREE...but that is not all. I had a coupon that said if I bought special K cearel and special K bars I would get $2 off sooo...I saved $7 on those four things and would have paid almost $13 if I had bought them without any deals. For those deals I paid $1.25 each great eh!

Next great deal was chips ahoy normally I don't buy cookies BUT it is a treat and we are going camping this weekend but I also didn't have a coupon even though they were BOGO FREE but I couldn't do it so I was finishing up and noticed on one end cap a coupon for buy one cookie(chips ahoy) and one capri sun you get $2 off so I took two just in case. I knew the cookies were on sale but I said to the three amigos lets see if caprie are on sale. Down the isle we go and sure enough they are BOGO FREE so we get two capri boxes for $2.69 and two boxes of cookies for $3.21 and with 2, $2 off coupons I saved $4 and spent $.48 for each of the four items...great for camping!

Those were my biggest deals of the week. PS Rob had a great deal too...Kroger was offering their contry time lemonade for 10 for $10 so he bought two and recieved a $1 off coupon toward two country time lemonade...he went for 2 more and the same thing happened...he and C did this two more time and each time came back with coupons at each one ended up being $.50 and it makes great food storage! You go Rob!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Gus Gordon Paulo Fratangelo born 10:43 am May 20, 2008

days old

one month old

two months old

4.5 months old

6 months old

7 months old

eight months old

10 months old

My baby is still my baby and he is 1. It has been a great year, which started out a little scary but once I was able to hold him all was fine. Gus is the hardest baby I've had, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He just started to sleep through the night(about two weeks now). He is a flirt just like his older brother, C. he loves the computer, cell phones, remote controls, dancing to music, swinging, riding fast, going faster and sharing his food with the dogs.

He finally loves his dad lots(which means he doesn't mind staying with him when I go out). He still has issues with space, escpecially space that C invades and doesn't get out of...if you've never seen it watch when you get a chance. First the screetch, then the glasses and now bitting...back off C, he's telling you! Sissy is loving to him, most of the time, but we are waiting for the day...when I hear, get out, don't touch, MOM...Gus is in my room and he won't get out!

I love him so and he's my last, so it is bitter and still sweet. I love you Gus, Love always and forever Momma!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, I get the best feeling when I do great shopping...any kind but since I grocery shop almost once a week that is my high...My best deals this week at fresh market were...BLACKBERRIES $.98 6 oz, ZUCCHINI $.98 lb, YELLOW SQUASH $.98 lb, RED and WHITE POTATOES $.98 lb, GREEN BEANS $.98 lb, and MANGO'S 2/$1. Great deals. Also I went to my fave grocer Publix and almost the whole way through Gus was yelling, he was tired and Cole was asking for a balloon, (we were of course in the floral area) one of the workers mentioned that the publix balloons were FREE and who can pass that up...both the boys got a balloon...that was one of my best deals there, my others...SARA LEE HOT DOG BUNS...FREE with the purchase of ball park hot dogs which were on sale 2/$5 which I think is expensive BUT I had a $1 off two so with the free buns it was worth it...saving there alone $5.00. Other great deals,YOPAIT FIBER ONE YOGURT BOGO, I bought one for $1.25 with a $1 off coupon I paid $.25. COUNTRY CROCK BUTTER 1lb BOGO, I bought one for $.88 and had a coupon for $.45 and double it and it was FREE with 2 cents returned. The last best deal was SOFT SOAP HAND SOAP $1.00 each with a $.35 coupon doubled I paid, a whopping $.30...such great deals!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More great pictures

so my friend Becki took some great pictures of my Kiddos the other are my faves!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Kiddos


I thought Becki did a GREAT job considering Gus decided not to do as he was asked most of the time! Aren't they cute!


So today Rob is 32 and I have some things to say about him. Now I am no poet as he is and I don't always say the best things the best way mostly because I'm trying to go as fast as I can because at any moment I will be here I go, maybe I will be successful.

Rob, Honey you are wonderful to me. Remember even though you are a year older I will always be older than you! I am your Queen and you treat me such. You are smart and talented and great with the kiddos. You love to make jokes and I admit that I still don't understand your humor after nine years together. I love that you love our children and love playing with them and spending time with them. I love that you have worked so hard all these years to finish your degree and strive to make our future better. You are a wonderful example to your children and when they see you Saturday in your graduation robe at school I want them to understand how important it is to get a college education. I know this is something they will always remember. I love that you love Heavenly Father and how important your priesthood is to us. I'm glad that when our children ask for a blessing at 2am you will get up put a white shirt and tie on to perform the blessing because you know how important it is. I love that you love to get silly with the kids but can also be serious when you need to be. Thank you for everything and I love you...did I say that already? Well let me say it again...I LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

My thoughts are unorganized and I'm tired...where to begin...Well, our kitchen is still uncompleted(is that a word?) Maybe it will be done before Rob graduates on Saturday? We'll see and since I can't hold my breathe FOREVER I better not try. Seven weeks and counting...but who's counting right?

Isabella went back to school today and I am so's hard having kiddos all day everyday for four days because they cannot go outside because it is raining and talking about the rain...we had beautiful weather today but now it is raining again and we've already met our total rainfall for the month two days ago. Total average is 5+ inches and we have had almost seven not counting what is pouring right now. The one good thing it is watering my garden which is growing...lettuce, beets, squash, lemon cucumbers, garlic, peppers, peas and beans...we have a few things that we just planted and they have not sprouted I give them til Friday.

I moved my "office" to the dinning/craft room. Gus is too busy and tries to run off with a knob to my cutter every time I'm cutting. Today he messed up some stuff. I'm looking to get a CD with a bunch of stuff that I can use on my cutter I think this will help things in many ways...although I cannot for my hobby habit has been GREAT lately.

This is a big week for Rob, he turns another year older and he graduates twice...that is a story in itself but basically there are two ceremonies. Also mothers day is the following day, my present this year is a trip to the beach with my girlfriend Charla for the weekend. Rob is getting to go to a movie, Star Trek and to see Gordon just dawned on me maybe that is why Gus' middle name is Gordon...nah, it's after the Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley!

I just want everyone to know that I miss my friend Amber. We've been friends since Columbia SC when I was prego with Isabella and I thought they were hippies. Funny what your first impressions of people are and how you change when you get to know them. I miss her so, and I know she is busy with a set of twins and a two year old and a dog and husband and YW President, but if you know her ask her to call or email...I miss her lots!

OK I think I'm done for tonight...just one more thing...this pig flu is ridiculous and out of control...what a bunch of crazy people we have running this place! OK now I'm done.