Saturday, August 27, 2016


Week five, I am almost done with this class.  It is not a bad thing, I love learning more about the scriptures ad I definitely have.  I am also learning to magnify my calling as mother, student, child of God and when I think of it I definitely feel humbled and I don't think I am doing to well.  I am schooling our middle child.  6th grade and there are things that take time and I am a mom , taxi driver and student myself.  I'm also a wife and homemaker.  There are more but you get it, I hope!  Some of those things I feel I am miserably failing at.  But I am magnifying my calling as mother...that is the most important.  We are giving him the best education we can because we live in America and we are blessed with that as one of many blessings we have for living in this country.

Other than the feelings that I am having that I think I am magnifying my calling, I am not doing the things that will help keep me focused in this agenda.  I wanted to do yoga first thing in the morning but I feel I don't have time unless I get up at 5 and I am too tired to stay up all day when I do that.  So I feel bad that I just cannot or do not have time for that.  But I am magnifying by spending time with my kiddo and helping
him get the education he needs to be a successful adult.  I love this guy so much and he is so smart.  I wish others could see the greatness as we do.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

WEEK {4}

I read many things this week and I've struggled with somethings.  Not for myself but for some of the actions of my family.  AND I know that I have nothing to offer them that may change their past .  Their past is past but their future could be great.  So I have been reading the first four books of the New Testament.  Which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.  Do you know that they first three books are all the same stories but slightly different because they are their own account?  I had no idea til last week.  Also did you know that somethings that were written were not always literal.  I know I knew that but I also know that there are some that did not know that and no one told them so and so...ok so the story is my Dad fell in love and married my Mom.  Shortly after I was born or my brother were born he found out that she was married still at the time when they married.  Crazy I know.  So they divorce but he still feels that they were married even though their marriage was annulled.  Because of the verses in Luke.  So he has been single since I was 18months old and my 6 months old.  That is a long time to believe this.  Still to this day and it breaks my heart.  What a difference could have been in his life if he thought he could love again and that it was not his fault or that he would not be accountable for her actions.

Friday, August 12, 2016

FDREL{211} Mark 9:36-37

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This week in school we are reading the first four books in the New Testament.  That is Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and for the first time this semester, I noticed that everything we are reading matches each others writings.  They are the same minus a few differences since they are each different men writing.  But for me it cam down to Mark 9:36-37  

36 And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms, he said unto them,
 37 Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me.

These verses touch me so, he scoops them up, he loves them and he says we need to love them.   And just because they are not small anymore does not mean we stop loving them.  Even if it is hard, our Savior would never stop loving us even when we continue to make mistakes.  Forgiveness is always given time and time again.   We just need to be there with open arms and do as our savior would do.
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

{Week 2} DRIFT or DELAY?

 I have been thinking lots lately about my goal in this class for religion of the New Testament.  I needed to pick something to work on from the bible dictionary.  I choose MAGNIFY.  And I know it is meant to be.  This school year I am homeschooling my C for the first time.  He is a super smart kid and because of some changes in our school district we feel he was being left out of some very great opportunities and because we have great freedoms in this country, my husband and I thought we can do this and give him those great things also. 

So here it is the second day of school and we have a schedule.  Not crazy busy because I am in school also but a good start.  When the word MAGNIFY came up I knew I was meant to learn it and I am embracing what that means for me.  For me I get anxious and then yell when I feel overwhelmed if things are not going well.  I don't handle stress well and I feel out of control and I worried about that going into this with C.  He is a great kid but because he is so smart, he is usually right or at least he thinks he is and he tells you all the time.  It can be challenging.  And I don't want to fail this is my child's education and some people have issues with me doing this.  But I have been reading my scriptures and reading talks and this week one talk hit me greatly.  It is from Elder Henry B. Eyring talk titled, "Always" and what popped at me was, "the danger in delay or drift."  I have felt that lots after all my kiddos where in school.  What was my role, I had six hours a day, not bieng Mom.  I felt like a house cleaner or maid which is not what I love.  So I decided to go back to school to busy my self so I wouldn't just sit around and watch tv and not be productive.  I love school and it makes me work and stick to a time table and keep a schedule and with C it makes him have to do that too.  He has to do it, I have to teach him to do it.  It is a great talk.

We need not to drift or delay in Magnifying our callings.  I need to be strong and stick to my schedule to get things done. So as in a magnifying glass makes things bigger and easier to look at more deeply.  I need to magnify my calling as a mother and student and teacher.