Thursday, February 2, 2017

{wk 5} B250 Create & Truth

Really most of my thoughts have been on other classes this week.  Do you know that an average brain weighs about 3 pounds.  That still makes me giggle.  I am excited to make my website and tomorrow with only a little work left to do I should get most of it set up the way I'd like.  This is a business plan that I have been waiting for for some time and the fact that I get to do it as part of my class is even better.  I have looked at PayPal and adding a shipping calculator.  I think that is important.  It may be hard to do and I may just have to use a flat shipping rate.  Some things that have happened is President Trump has been in office for a few days now and so much controversy.  A great talk to listen or read is, What is Truth, by President Uchdorf.  It goes along perfect with the situation with the country.  Also our teacher posted this great video by President Uchdorf (above)

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