Monday, December 27, 2010


So I updated my blog both this one and my 'hobby' one with a button and I must say I made the button myself and then Rob helped me do the computer side of it.  So if you'd like to have this button copy and paste the info to your blog and take a look at the new updated things I have on there.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FAMILY Pictures

So our family was able to get our pictures done by our friend and talented lady Becky Kenigan.  She did a great job and I definitely think we got our moneys check her out and if she has openings you need to snag her now her prices will be going up soon!

Season of Christ

Check out my crafting blog for  a few new Christmas ideas.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Christmas

Vintage Provence Holiday 2011 Christmas 5x7 folded card
Make a statement with custom Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

We did some of our Christmas shopping on Shutterfly and they sent me 5 free folded Christmas cards...aren't they cute!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Season of LOVE

Really I have no title but I thought this sounded nice.  I feet that this is my favorite time of year and I'd love for Christmas to last all year...I love giving, especially this year for some reason...maybe because I can...I am thankful for Heavenly Father and in his Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost...I think back on what has happened this year and I think of those, I've met, those I've reconnected with and those I've was all being overseen with love.  Our Father in Heaven loves us so and he is so involved in our lives, sometimes he sits back and waits...what are we going to do...hmmm.

Next a friend from high school passed in August.  I've blogged about it.  You can take a look here.  Anyway his brother Chad has had his moments and struggles...really who wouldn't after that, but I just read his blog post and it touched me...really commercials touch me...I feel that deeply about things...but I thought I would share this with you because it touched me so...

I think we need this season of Love all year, what do you think?

Friday, November 26, 2010

ANOTHER Silhouette giveaway

Silhouette Machine Giveaway!!!

Yes guys! You read that right!!

We are giving away a Silhouette machine to one of our lucky readers!!  

">Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

I've been showing you some of the great tricks it does lately.  These are just a few of the projects I have knocked out with mine...

WOW!  I hope you enjoy seeing my tutorials on this machine because I have SOOO many more to come!!

Want to be Shanty's lucky winner of this machine???

Here's how you enter!

1. Become a public follower of Shanty2Chic! (1 Entry)

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Make sure you come back here and leave a separate comment for each entry you make in the giveaway.  In your comment leave us the link to your blog post if you have one!!

That's 4 ways to win guys!!!

We will be announcing the winner of this awesome machine on Monday, November 29th!  We will be randomly drawing from all entries.  You have until then to leave us a comment and link up to everything.

We will also be announcing an awesome promo that our followers can take advantage of on Black Friday!!  It's an incredible deal on the Silhouette Machine so if you are not our lucky winner you can buy yourself one for Christmas!! Woooohooo!!!

If you have any questions just ask!

These ladies are also giving a machine away too!!

 Once you sign up here... go check theirs out!

Ready... Set... Comment!!


Sponsor {{Giveaway}} Silhouette-SD Machine!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | by Brittany@Love Stitched | Labels: , |

I was SO lucky and was sent an awesome  Silhouette-SD machine to use and play with and create with!! !! 
And guess what? 
Silhouette is going to GIVEAWAY a Silhouette-SD machine to ONE Lucky Love Stitched reader!!!

The Silhouette-SD Is so much easier than I thought it was going to be :  
it connects to your computer just like a printer, BUT can do SO much more!! It can CUT your designs for YOU!!! 
You can also cut out any font on your computer -- isn't that fabulous??
No more cartridges!!!  
 Silhouette is Mac and PC friendly. 

This little machine can do so many things! 
vinyl, create t-shirts and pillows with the Heat Transfer material, etch glass, make cards, magnets -- plus more!
Remember I used my Silhouette-SD to make these vinyl numbers!!!

Don't have fun fonts and images? No worries you can SHOP ONLINE and download anything you could possibly think of!!!

MONDAY (November 29, 2010) and only monday they will open up the flood gates and sell their Cutter for only $199.
It is regularly a $299 machine.  This is the lowest I’ve seen Silhouette America post their cutter.
PLUS they are going to throw in 1 Roll Vinyl(value $7.99), 1 Roll of Transfer Tape(Value $7.99) and 1 Home Decor CD(Value $55.00)
enter code : lovestitched at checkout for the discount!

So prepare for it…here it is:
  • 1 Silhouette Machine ($299)
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  • 1 Home Decor CD(Value $55.00)
  • Software for Windows XP/Vista, MAC(yep it’s mac compatible)
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 2 Cutting mats (one for thick media, one for thin media)
  • One cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
$369.98 for only $199

 want to win? 


Here's how YOU can win: 

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contest ends 11/29/2010 at 9PM mst

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 ***If you win remember Christmas is coming and it would be a lovely gift for your loveliest friend...:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Guess what I have for you today?? A giveaway! Today I get to give away to One lucky Idea Room Reader...

**A Silhouette Machine**

I know! Just in time for the holidays. I LOVE my Silhouette machine and as you know, I have been able to make some pretty fun things with it so far.

Here are just a few:


Boo Platter


Thankful Bucket


Twin onsies


Christmas Subway Art...tutorial coming soon.

Anyways...back to the matter at hand...along with the Silhouette machine, the giveaway also includes...

Software for Windows XP/Vista and/or Mac
Power cable, USB cable
2 Cutting mats
One cutting blade
$10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

Normally my giveaways are pretty easy with no hoop jumping, but to give you more chances to win there are several things you can do to enter. Please leave a comment for each entry letting me know what you have done. You can enter a total of FOUR entries per person!

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*Must be in the United States to enter.
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The Winner will be announced on Monday, November 29, 2010.

And if by chance, you do NOT win, on Monday you will be able to take advantage of Silhouette's Cyber Monday deal!

It is only valid on Monday, November 29, 2010 starting at 4 am and ending at midnight the same day.

To get the Cyber Monday deal you will need to use the code "idearoom".

Silhouette Machines will be sold for $199!
(originally $299)

This Cyber Monday Deal also includes:
1 Roll of Cream vinyl ( $7.99)
1 Roll of transfer paper ( $7.99)
1 Home decor CD (Value $55)

Total ($70.98)

All for ONLY $199!!
That's almost $200 dollar in savings! Wahoo!

Good Luck Everyone!


Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Awareness Month

This is so dear to my heart and I have many friends who have wonderful families through adoption.  Just never forget those that may need us so.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall break 2010

Day one Mobile Alabama, the Battle House Hotel and Spa and the Exploreum

Day two 'formal' dinner
Day three Cozumel Mexico

Day three part two

Day four Calica...or Playa Del Carmen

Day four part two

Day five Montgomery Zoo

Birmingham AL Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints Day five part two
This was our fall break in a nutshell...really I wanted all these pictures but I didn't want over load and I still think that happened.  I want everyone to know that we had a grand time and will be going again in a couple of years when  G is a little older.  Next time I'll take more pictures also I feel I missed out on lots of ship life.  There was so much to do and not enough time in a day for it all are our highlights...
  • I WON a spa facial...I loved it!
  • C LOVED camp the most!
  • B loved the pools the most! 
  • and C LOVED Mommy the most...his last day he finally LOVED camp!
  • Food was amazing and my favorite was the sit down although it was hard with the kiddos...notice the lack of boys at the formal dinner...there was a reason!
  • I only gained two pounds all week, on average it is 2 pounds per day
  • Rob LOVED it!  That was the kicker...would he?  Wouldn't he?
  • Our room had a closet that turned into a changing room for the kiddos (B and C)
  • We had a wonderful steward who was always cleaning...they cleaned our room every morning, put the beds up and cleaned every night, put the beds down and great towel animals...sorry no pics, see I needed to take MORE!
  • I went on the best was a behind the scene and they were all Italian (captain, engineer and their crew)
  • Rob and I loved Camp for the kiddos
  • The kiddos swam with the dolphins, pictures to come on that.
So I guess that is about it.  We left a day early and went to a great science museum the link is above and it was FREE...we love reciprocal!  Our hotel was AMAZING and B got to play on the grand piano they have in the tower building.  Our hotel is famous...clink on the link above.  On the way home went to the Montgomery zoo for FREE yes again, reciprocal.  Also stopped by the Temple in Birmingham...what a wonderful week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So today Cole turned six years old...really!  So a little more than six years ago we moved here to Huntsville from San Bruno CA with an almost three year old and a 13lb 6 week old.  Heavenly Father knew we needed a calm, non fussy baby, and he was and he is still the easiest child I have.  He sleeps the longest still.  The first one to sleep and the last one to get up.   I am so proud of my oldest boy, my most loving child.  Cole is the most loving, sharing and caring.  He has such a sweet spirit and is touched easily.  He loves his family so much and always wants to show it.  Although B and G don't always want to receive such lovely gifts.  Cole loves his dog, Cena,  but not so much that she can kiss him or snuggle with him...he says she hurts him because she sits on his feet alot and she weighs more then him...they are a husky pair!  Cole loves Thomas the train and his new love is Star wars and small legos...those started at school I think.  They have small legos.  Cole is also my most messy child, if you don't catch him in time he will smear his face on his shoulder or even your shoulder.  Sometimes I get notes home from school saying he was scolded for playing with his food and having it in his hair.  When he tells me I'm sorry with is big blue eyed, blue glasses I melt bit also tell him he can't do that.  Cole loves to play little games like tickle, and tell jokes.  It is funny when he is not wearing his glasses (which is only at bed time and bath time) he says mommy I see two of you...poor guy but he LOVES HIS BLUE INDESTRUCTIBLE GLASSES and we love them to...for that great reason.  He loves soccer and I think he'll make a great goalie one day...he has an awesome kick!  Cole is not comfortable sharing a cup or trying new things.  But he did step out of his comfort a few weeks ago and swim with the dauphins.  He has the best imagination and can build anything with legos.  He holds his pencil awkwards and says the other way feels weird.  He doesn't color neatly but colors to get done.  So this is a little about our once 10lb 1oz baby boy, Colie Olie we love you so has been wonderful that Heavenly Father knew we needed you when we got you.  Thank you for coming to our family and being ours forever!

Cole's Favorites:
Food:  Chicken noodls(ramen) and cheese bacon pizza
Color:  BLUE of course look at the picture above
Dog:  Cena
Sport:  Soccer
Desert:  Cup cakes with blue frosting
Ice cream:  Birthday cake ice cream

Friday, October 15, 2010


Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

So you need to's easy and you never know?  Give it a try and remember if you win and not me...I get to test it out sometime ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween subway art

Check out my other blog for this project.

How I'm feeling

I don't have the mood swings...yet, so that is good.  Last week we Rob cleaned out the garage of most of the baby stuff, that was super hard.  I had to leave the room a few times to go to my room and cry into my blanket so Rob wouldn't hear me.  

You see I would have had a dozen kiddos if I hadn't had c sections, fear of the operating table or a hysterectomy.  I haven't told many of my church friends because they have babies, new ones, or are pregnant.  So just bear with me.  I do want more children but every year that passes makes me a year older and am I too old now to try the adoption thing, something that Rob and I have been so passionate about and now it seems to have gone to the way side.  Maybe that is why I'm so sad.  I just want that baby so bad.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remebering American Pride

My very dear friend John wrote a song called American Pride and if you click on the link it will take you to his video.  Always, Ranee

Today I remember 9 11

I remember, I see the numbers 9 11 and I think emergency.  I still feel the panic, when I remember.  I still remember what i was doing that morning, what I was wearing, panic, I remember the panic.  When I was able to watch the coverage I cried for everyone.  I still do.  Because it is sad and it should be a sad thing and people should still be crying when they see those pictures or watch those videos.  This is something I will never forget.  I don't dwell on it but for this day I remember...always remember.

When I look at this photo I see Lady Liberty, she is tall, strong, and looks like she is ready to fight for what she is watching occurring to her great love, her country.  That is all I want to say right now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm getting better!

So it has been a whirl wind summer with several trips to the Doctor, changing Dr's and a trip to the ER.  After all that was said and done...I had three options for getting my heavy bleeding under control.  One, a D and C, two an oblation and three a hysterectomy...all had there chance of success and the last ending with a 100% success.  I CHOOSE to get a hysterectomy.  I was never overwhelmed or nervous about my decision, only peace about it the whole time and even now.

I have to tell you that every two weeks I'd start to feel sick and wonder will I bleed and drop clots that big again...what's wrong can they fix me?  I was having hormone issues, plain and simple, nothing was physically wrong with my uterus, hormonally I just couldn't stop bleeding heavily and it only became worse after G.

So Friday morning very early I went in and had the outpatient procedure done.  I never had surgery before, except for my three c-sections, so going under was new for me.  At 7:15 am after the prep was done they gave me a sedative to calm me down as they wheeled me into the operating room.  I kissed Rob goodbye and I was asked when I last had a vitamin and  I  never answered, they just made an estimated guess and we were off...I don't remember anything til I was in recovery when I kept asking to use the bathroom and they kept saying I had a catheter.(silly me)  My mouth had never been so dry in my life and I think I didn't get over the meds til Saturday night as I was at home.  During my one day stay, I stayed on the maternity floor, not the best for most women who have a hysterectomy.  I remember a woman near my room had just delivered and her baby was crying...I was out and dreamed about holding another dear child in my arms and feeling there peach fuzz against my check(that is my favorite about new born babies).  Then I woke up.  I still was confined to the silly bed til 6pm because they wouldn't take out my catheter...I was itching to get one point a little freaking out because of the affects of the drugs and unable to bum was hurting.  The carthiter came out we did a lap aroound the floor and I have to say I was disapointed the nursery shade was closed but walked back to my room. 

Since this surgery was laperscopic I had an incision in my belly button, and one on either side of it.  I found out I am allergic to hospital bandages and tape.  So off came the bandages.  The rest of the night I was in and out...I did finally get to eat 26 hours after my last meal and that did not settle well with me(you can imagine!)  So we went to bed around 11 and the nurse came in shortly there after to take my vitals and told me that I had to have a patient care done by 5:30 am because that is as long as we are able to stay(23 hour out patient care)  Rob and I laughed a bit and said ok and the nurse also let us know that we could sleep in but that patient care had to end by that time, no more meds etc.  So 4:30 am rolled around and my kind nurse came in and gave me my final meds and asked if I needed anything, reminded me of my checkout time and left, now I was awake so I said lets go I can sleep at home.  So we did.

I had all Saturday to sleep and do nothing.  I'm not good at doing nothing and so I was doing little things without Rob noticing so I could do something til the kiddos came took forever for them to come.  But 8pm they were home and I was happy finally the anastasia had worn off and I was now in c section pain(that is how I described it to my Dr...when I asked pre-surgery he said it was a dull pain...I later informed him it was as painful as a c-section(my last c-section, which was more painful than the previous ones)...he giggled...but now he knows! 

Now it is Monday night and Rob will be home the rest of the week...I'm going to go crazy not doing anything.  today I did go on my first Lowes, we bought a new fan, and I did over do it but come on I don't know what I'm going to do with four more days under house arrest.  But I am feeling better.  Even though I yearn to hold that baby with the peach fuzz hair I know I will get that chance.  My baby maker may be gone but my chance to continue to mother is not!

This is not for you, but for me, Isabella and my children's children.  Comment if you'd like but please don't feel pity.  I don't

Friday, August 27, 2010

Four seasons

 Happy Fall done with mod podge and apples and pumpkins
pumpkin close up
Happy Winter with snowmen and snowflakes
Happy Spring with pink flowers
Happy Summer with watermelon
I want to have a craft night at my house, Thursday September 30th at 6pm.  These are the two projects we are can do one of these and two of the one below...if interested leave me a comment, I have limited space!

This Project is $13 to make and it comes with all you see here, vinyl, paint, paper and wood, only one of these per person is available...if interested in doing this, let me know, leave a comment:)

Happy Halloween with pumpkin
Happy Thanksgiving is on the back side
This project is $8 and it comes with the vinyl, ribbon and wood, you can do two of these...if interested leave me a comment:)

If you'd like the vinyl to do it at your home it is $9 for the four seasons for all the vinyl.  The hanging Thanksgiving and Halloween vinyl is $7.  Each can be shipped for $1.50 or if you are ordering more than one of each I will have to send you a quote on shipping so leave a comment:)

If you'd like a completed project of either of these leave a comment and I can give you a quote with shipping!