Friday, January 27, 2017

{B250} Week 4

Things are getting exciting.  In the next few weeks I will have a working website.  This weekend we researched and researched websites and host domains.  There are so many.  We also worked on ad Words for choosing a product.  I'm still a little confused on that part but I already know what I want to sell.  The beginning of the week I was freaking out but by the end of the week, I am excited.  I am glad we have a few weeks to do this.  I plan on using word Press and Blue host and then I get a free domain and ad words pluggins for my website which is a must.  Things are exciting right now.

On a more serious note.  We almost lost B's remicaide.  Insurance turned her down and wanted her to use Humera.  But we have the best GI doctor and nurse and they appealed, fought for her and we WON!  She is again approved for 2 years.  Heavenly Father does let things happen but sometimes you still need to fight for it.  I fought!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

{B250} Week 3 Affiliate and Drop Shipping

Well it has been a good week for this class.  I am learning lots to add or put on a blog or website and I hope to be implementing one this weekend.  This week we have been talking about Affiliate and Drop shipping and the difference between them.  And we have a simulated group that want to start a web business, want to start up.  We have to analyze and decide what is correct for them and not us.

I choose, affiliate for me which means I can have a company post an add of some kind of posting trying to sell a product.  The reader clicks and decides to buy, I receive a percentage and they handle the rest.  Easy-Peasy!  And as I have been thinking about this, I have thought of the example that they class was supposed to research and unless it was all kid friendly or specific to one type of selling I don't know that I could do it.  Such as Amazon.  There are some great things on Amazon and late last night as I was finishing my assignment I thought I can do this.  Then this morning I that so wise.  Amazon does have some great product and those would be great but since I have some control over what sells, such as book, household supplies, etc. but I don't have control over what type of books they'd post among other things.  But over all I love this option.  Just more research is necessary.

The other thing we have been talking about is Drop shipping.  Which does not fit into my already over flowing, take deep breathe life.  Drop shipping is  where you can choose what to sell up to 250 items and when they sell off your website or blog then, they send you money, including S & H and then purchase it through wholesaler and ship from their to buyer with your information.  Lots of problems for me with that.  ONE, TIME.  I have none.  Two, what happens if it gets damaged?  I'm needing to replace it, money out of my pocket...yikes.  As much as the profits are higher on this one...I am not that big of a risk taker.

Now for an encouraging thought, for myself and my future self.

This is case!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

{B250} Weekly Reflection wk 2

New Semester: Winter 2017

There is so much, where to begin.  I guess I should begin on a high note.  I'm still in school and the kids are back in school, we are all healthy at the moment and I only have one year left...when I finish this semester.

Now this is HARD for me, I think I over booked myself this semester with the three classes I choose.  BUT I will not quite and I will finish and do well, at least well enough.  There is so much support at BYUI and for that I am so thankful.  I have one friend I met last semester who is taking two of the classes with me, different teachers, but I think that is a good thing.  We can compare notes and learn and grow from each other.

This week my reflection, there is lots of reflection and truly I am a person that states her opinion and doesn't fight for others to have the same opinion.  My opinion this week has to be backed up with research...its not hard just a little time consuming.  I love working with google ads.  I see great possibilities.  I mean really...I want this, this class is perfect for me and the possibilities because of it are just amazing to think about.

This week we have been talking about choosing a business model and although I have this little hobby that I want to turn into a little business, I never thought of having a business model or plan.  I just wanted to implement a few more things.  My thoughts are; "really is it necessary" and then I think...I'm taking this class to do things correct.  So if you say so I will do it!

Picking a product on the other hand is easy-peasy...I have many ideas and there are many people who have great ideas too.  Just follow through and listen!