Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my newest...

So I made this one for my Cous...so if you know her don't tell her...if you want one...I have one board left and colors are changeable...email me

My SIL loved this so much that I had to make one for her...if you love it I can make one for you($20) colors are changeable.

My kiddos love this...and it's working...measures 2x8 and is $1 plus you can choose your fave font!

I love these frames that you can see through...it looks great on the walls...this one is $20 also
Now if you like this one we are making it at our RS super saturday, Aug 8 from 10-2...only $10...IF you can't make it, I will make it for you for $20...email me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pop goes my heart

I watched music and lyrics tonight for the first time and R loves this video...watching it for the 4th time as I write...crazy man! He is laughing crazy...crazy man!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Peach dump cake R makes in the dutch oven...used from the peaches on our tree!

I was able to can peaches this year from our tree...this was the first peach canning I did and they turned out yummy!

Deals of the week

This week before the beginning of school at Staples, IF you have a rewards card you can get a FREE backpack, FREE highlighters, FREE pencils and FREE pens. Now the free is with the easy rebate and gift certificate to Staples...so if you shop there as we do and recycle your printer cartridges($3 back each) it ends up being a GREAT deal.

Publix has great deals on their fresh produce...banana's 49 cents lb, blueberries $2 pt, limes 8/$1, kiwi 4/$1, mango 49 cents each, cucumber 50 cents each, peaches 88 cents lb, green avacado $1.29 each, tomato on vine $1.49 lb,...they also have staples for a good price, smuckers jam $1.60 for 18 oz, Jif PB 40 oz for $2.79 and motts apple sauce 6 pack $1.66 each...these are some of my saving this week...after the Publix deal we saved...$41.03 and spent $50.90, not my best but good all the same.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Window Calander

So this is my latest find and make...I found our neighbor throwing out windows and some are in good shape, so I grabbed them and this is one thing I came up with...my kiddos and hubby love it but it is heavy...if you are interested comment me or email me here for a price...The font for the name is changeable and so is the colors.


Monogram size 2x3 for your vehicle, in vinyl colors of pink, blue, white, cream(cream), red, orange, green and yellow. The font in this picture is curls but I also have tangerine, bizzy bee, mandingo, poodle lover, chocolate box, really anything you want I can get if I don't have it.(99%sure)...remember though it may break the bank at a whopping total of...$1.00. Leave a comment if you'd like one or you can email me at www.bizzymomma@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

We spent our Fourth of July in Chattanooga TN listening to the local orchestra and watching the massive fireworks afterwords. These are some pictures that a friend of ours took while accompanying us while his family was out of town. We love Chattanooga and recommend anyone who lives within three hours to drive there. We started out at the Choo-Choo(restored train station now hotel), then we took the free tram to the Mellow mushroom which is our favorite place to eat while we are there.(we go to Chattanooga every couple of months) Next we went down the block to the aquarium where there is this flowing man made river that children can play in and our kiddos loved it...especially G. Then we walked the bridge that covers the TN river to get to Coolidge park where the concert was. At that park there is a water fountain that squirts water out of different animals mouths and they also have a carousel. The park was only half packed when we got there but by the time the concert started the park was full...it was a great day and we love those types of things...what a great way to spend the Fourth of July...these are only some of the pictures. I'll upload mine later, enjoy!

First he wanted to walk...then he tried to sit...so...

I had to take and make him naked...almost...this picture reminds me of the commercial where the babes go into the water and their diapers soak up all the water...this diaper was HEAVY!

What a cute kiddo!

What a cute family!

The walking bridge crossing the TN River

The Fireworks after the concert

( I do have more pictures, but later!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Grocery deals!

Target actually had some great deals and everything I bought was on sale and I had printed target coupons off to get the extra deal, so here they are...

Oscar Myer 1lb hot dogs $1.34 each and I had $1 off/2 so I ended paying .84 cents for each pack.

Next, Eddy's ice cream $2.33 store coupon$1 off = $1.33(yea for IC)

CORN ON THE COB 10/$1.00 best deal in town through Sat. limit 50

1lb strawberries $1.99 store coupon $1 off = .99 cents

So that was the best at Target, then I went to publix which is where I shop the most...deals were:

Green Giant create a meal 75 cents ONLY the asian version but that is a steal! I saved $2.00 on each one.

Yoplait yogurt individual 20/$10...I bought six with my 45 cent coupon I bought 6/$2.00

Jello pudding 3/$6 I bought three and had three 60 cents off coupons so I got 3(six in a pack)/$4.10 not bad!

Publix premium Ice cream on sale for $2.50 and I had a coupon from the magazine they send me for 1 off so it was $1.50...I ended up buying two ice creams for $2.83...so GREAT!

I don't normally buy soda but publix brand was 2/$1 so I bought two...my splurge

Mayo(kraft) BOGO, I only bought one for $2.00 then I had a $1 off coupon, I paid $1

Pineapple was on sale again for $2.99 and I had a printed coupon for $1 off = $1.99

Kraft mac and cheese BOGO so I bought 3 because I had a buy two get one free and at publix anything 50 cents and under is doubled so I bought three had a coupon for one free and got all three for 50 cents.

Kellogs Special K BOGO bought one for $1.95 with $1 off coupon paid 95 cents

My second splurge MM super large bags BOGO and there was a $1 off coupon right there...end up paying $1.75 for each bag...great for cookies!

So in the end...I spent $49 dollars in grocerys and SAVED $65, yea me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

ONE Sunflower

So the fact is that I travel between the main computer and my computer that has my vinyl stuff on it...so when I download pictures it is on my computer, email them to myself and post them using the family computer...confusing I know but that is why it's been a week since my last real post. This sunfolwer bloomed Sunday and today I noticed two more...they are beautiful take a look! I had to stand on a latter for these shots...the flower is taller than R!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was so excited when I saw this...I never think I'd win but I did and these are what I won...Melamine plates and cups from Jane Jeni that I signed up on Store and Style...what an exciting morning!