Thursday, October 15, 2009

breast cancer

My cousin is 28 and battling this ugly disease we once thought was an old person Aunt, her mom passed when she was in her early thirties from this same disease. Back then they didn't have the technology to see if it was genetically linked. Now they can and they in honor of both my cousins Cass and Chan who have the gene I am making vinyl breast cancer ribbons and donating a portion to

This sticker is 2 1/5 x 5 1/5 (approximately) and cost $1 plus shipping...interested, leave a comment and let me know!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What I learned at Conference...

I learned that I don't need cable to watch conference...R's big screen laptop is great.
That the kiddos can make it through one day of conference with out problems as long as they have their own crayons, scissors, glue, packets.
That the kiddos can not make it through day two of Conference no matter what!(maybe next session)
That LOVE was the theme that I took away from Conference this time...say I LOVE YOU more, in more ways, by the things I do and how I act. R had a great Priesthood session and is aware of his roll as a Father and what may need to be done sooner than later.
I learned that Elder Bednar's children were just like our children are now.
I learned that G likes to fold his arms and pray all the time.
So that is some of what I learned, what did you learn? Leave a comment!