Saturday, September 2, 2017

{Almost over}

This semester is winding down and I'm reflecting on the last six weeks.  Summer session is short.  I've loved it.  One class, and school has started which I've missed the kiddos but we are moving forward.  I am finishing my last summer session and then I only have three more semesters and an internship.  I am so ready.  I've loved these weeks to relax a little and get things done, I will miss it but I have to stay focused and remember the end is near for my school also. 

This week we are in the three epistles of John and what love is coming from John.  Actually, from Peter, James and John.  I've heard words like, beloved and my little children.  The tone of these words and thier messages were spoken with love and deep appreciation for each other.  I have really enjoyed this session of school and I am a little nervous about continuing without a scripture class.  I also know I can do it on my own, I do worry that I am not disciplined enough to continue without accountability but then we are ultimately accountable but grades are just not due, yet. 

I have enjoyed reading these words and I hope that by my example my children will love them also.

I don't have a picture that represents this week but if you'd like to find out more information about the work Peter, James and John did you can go to

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hebrews 11:1 {FAITH}

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

At first this scripture can be a little confusing but take a breath and read it again.  Faith is hoped for, the evidence of things not is not seen.  So what does that mean?  How do I know what is faith or if I have faith or how to get faith and keep it?  There are so many answers around you and I and look in the scriptures.  Look further in chapter 11 and you see Abel had faith and Enoch and Noah.  Abraham had faith and Sara to conceive at a older age then should have been possible.  In this chapter alone I found more than 17 accounts of faith.  What a beautiful blessing to know that even when we go in blindly but we believe, we have faith that things will all wok out.  

When you look up faith in the topical guide it says in parenthesis, assurance, believe, obedience, trust.  All of these things mean faith.  In the bible dictionary it talks of faith in Romans 10:14-17 that strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ, it comes by righteousness.   I can think of many instances of faith in my life.  Especially after I found the church.  Just having faith to be baptized.  I started the discussions in August and was baptized Sept 7th...I knew, I had faith that what I was doing was right, even though I didn't understand it all I knew it was right and there has been so many examples since then.

What a great example of faith.  Jesus feeding the multitude with 5 loaves and 2 fished.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


This week in my religion class we hit lots of grace words...we read lots Romans, Ephesians, Acts, Philippians, Philemon and 1 Timothy.  Many Grace words and I got to thinking what "Grace" means to me. And a song I sang lots as a child growing up in the Baptist church.  The chorus goes, "Grace, grace, God's grace, me, to me..."BUT as I looked it up in the Bible dictionary other things popped out to me.   It says grace is used frequently especially in the new testament in the writings of Paul.  The main meaning is “divine means of help or strength” given through the mercy and love of Jesus Christ.  I love this thought of grace.  There are songs and endless scriptures about grace we even have friends whose names are Grace. So in Ephesians 2:8 for example it says, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:”  and if we switch out Grace for divine means of help or strength.  It gives it a bit of wow for me.  I understand that it is not because of our supper smarts we are saved it is because of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that we are saved.  Not by our own doing, but with help.  What a humbling process for some.  I know all that I have is because of the choices I make good and bad.  Grace is the help and strength given to me to make the correct choices.  Some one also recently said, grace is not just given to us but we have to work at it.  There is a scripture that says grace without works is dead, or to that effect. Tell me your thoughts on Grace.  There are many helps out there and some of my favorites are at

Saturday, August 12, 2017

2 Corinthians 7:16

I rejoice therefore that I have confidence in you in all things.

I love this verse.  To me it says our Heavenly Father loves us, no matter our faults, he has faith that we are strong in making good and right choices.  It says that I don't have to be scared that he has my back, no matter what happens, if I make a mistake I can repent.  If I do something good he is happy.  That is just as we do for our family and children, love them unconditionally and cheer them on to be the best.  Our Heavenly Father is doing the same.  This truly hit home for me this week and it reinforced my decisions that were tough ones to make and I made them, not on my own and I feel I did the right thing.  What a blessing  this is to know what I did and see that he has confidence in me.  So the next time you doubt or wonder.  Remember it says it right here in the scriptures...I can touch it and see it.  What a blessing that is for me.                                                                                                                                 


Saturday, July 29, 2017

REL 212 week 1, Apostle Stephen

So I have started another class.  A summer class which means it is religion and this is a continuation of my religion class of 211.  But this means this is my last religion class, last summer class and one class and semester closer to graduating.

So this week our lesson focuses us on Acts 1-18.  In those chapters lots is going on.  Naming of the apostles, death of apostles and new apostles all preaching the gospel through out the Mediterranean Sea areas.  This week through out of what I read I keep going back to Stephen in Acts 6-7.  I struggle with reading it not because it is hard but because they stoned him.  It is so sad and I don't understand why they didn't listen.  Then I relate it to now, now we have people who just don't listen.  That is their priority I guess they have that freedom to not believe, and most of the time we are not condemned to death for our beliefs and that is a good thing, so I guess we've moved forward on that end.

At it shows a video of these scriptures and shows it so lovingly and makes better sense.  I'm still not certain what happened for Stephen to be chained in the first place and who the person was that brought him in but the story is so touching and sad and in the end he asks the Lord not to condemn them, Stephen was at peace.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Final week {B250}

I am getting excited.  It has been a rough few weeks.  But my website is almost ready and I only need to do a few things.  I have a blog for my stuff at  It tells me not to use separate blogs for it.  So I will need to incorporate it into my website.  That is a pain in the bum, I just want to link it.  But I am told it is very good for business.  So take a look around my site and let me know what you think, what looks good and where I can improve.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Only two weeks left {B250}

Not that I haven't loved this class because I have.  I have had to step out of my comfort zone almost every week.  I have to deal with things I don't know anything about and learn things that I'm still learning.  I've had callers asking me for their business, no way, not yet. 

I am so excited for all my classes to be over truly because I miss my family.  I miss going to have lunch with them, or going on field trips.  Picking them up early because I miss them or having a clean house.  I miss going on vacation. 

So I'm excited to have this class over because it is one class closer to being done.  Fingers crossed I  will graduate end of spring semester 2018.

What have I learned this week?  Optimizing, still learning, I had a call from someone in Oregon and they talked me through a few things on my Adwords.  I was so grateful, sometimes I don't feel that I understand things and really don't know who to ask the questions to.  He gave me a walk through.  So I understand how to make an ad a bit better.  Also we talked about media networking and it is crazy, a bit scary, I am not a that even a word?  I understand the benefits but I wonder how much it would benefit my business.  I love Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and with my business that would work great since Instagram works many aspects of media with one publish.  So I'm willing to try to get outside my comfort zone and try Twitter,  Lets see how this goes.

Two weeks, only two weeks and I can clean my house again and two weeks and I can sit outside and play in the garden and go have lunch with the kids and do nothing and take naps and relax before those two blessed weeks are over and I start this all again with another class.  Thankfully it will only be one and not three.

Here is a pic of my recent work.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Optimizing and backlink {B250}

Help...I do not understand!  I am doing the process but I do not get it.  I understand what it means to optimize but I am struggling with doing it and then I wonder if I understand it at all.  And backlink, I don't have any and what is that all about?  That I do not understand.  Grrr!  That is kinda how I am feeling.  Help me, will I get docked points if I don't understand?  Am I silly to not be understanding this, is this an easy thing and I am over thinking it.  So much, and in the end how do I make it work for my website in a positive manner?  So I still have a few things to add to my site before I let you all see it and every week I think I will have time and this week has been spring break and the kiddos were even gone for five days and I still didn't get to it, so now, I will just have to add those things whenever, my timeline for it is shot.  But it will get done, I do love it.  

Here is a lovely picture of food, this week is St. Patrick's Day and I made food for my in laws who had my kids and got sick as the days went on.  I made them Shepherds Pie.  {sorry that it is blurry, I have no idea why and Rob isn't here to fix it.}

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Are you ready? Am I ready...{B250}


This week we continued to tweak our websites, ad words, campaigns, etc.  It's getting real.  I went live and I just don't feel ready.  I still feel I have a list of things to do.  But here it is, do I trust you all to give it out or should I wait til the end?...that is the question.  I think I am going to wait.  Just because there are some obvious things that are not ready and I don't need a bazillion comments about those things.  But here is something.  I am learning and getting excited and squeely like a girl and my dog doesn't like it.  I am down to the last stretch and I need to keep the momentum.  I only have one year over all and that is exciting.  I'll keep you posted.

On a different note, here is a pic for you, to remind you spring is around the corner, even for you all in Utah!