Sunday, December 23, 2007


We are now almost halfway through our pregnancy and I am 18 weeks today. Tis the holiday season and I feel things are in slow motion. We still have our scare crow and pumpkins out along with our Christmas lights...we are soo behind and Christmas is on Tuesday.

Rob did excellent in school this semester. He took five classes and made four A's and one C...he says he had to sacrafice to get those four A's...but he is doing great. He has two full time semesters and two part time semesters left. YEAH!!! He loves his job blowing things up and he was able to watch two slow cooks at work since school has been out.(slow cooks are when you slowly raise the temp on amunition and bombs to see when they blow)

Isabella is doing wonderful in school and she is reading. She is top in her kindergarten between the three classes at her school. She loves school and loves school work...I wish she would love doing stuff at home as much...clean her room, clean up after herself...etc. You moms get it!

Cole is now three and is GQ...he loves dressing nice and wearing ties...he likes to brush his hair and style it. He totally loves choo-choo's and Thomas. He is in preschool and likes it lots but you ask him what he did and it's always the same..."I played with choo-choo's and went outside."

Dinner our Cat- dog is doing great she also just turned three and is finally not charging the door, breaking through she does love us at least a little.

My hobiness is doing great and now I have a blog for that. I'm still working on it so look for it in the future. We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy holiday week and a great new year with lots in store...we certainly do.