Friday, August 3, 2012


I love this boy so. He's so sweet and kind, loving. Gives without asking. Does without complaining. Anyway he's in Tang So Doo and just received his orange belt. Rob and I are so proud to be his parents.

Monday, July 23, 2012

{Carbs and sugar}

So I normally don't talk about this.  WEIGHT, WEIGHT LOSS, LACK OF WEIGHT LOSS.   So I've been going to the gym for a year and a half and lost 30-35 lbs looking good feeling good BUT I haven't lost anything significant in a YEAR.  CRAZY I know, sometimes overwhelming and I get it.  Its food for me.

I have the routine down and my running has increased.  Remember my 5k, I've shaved off one and a half to two minutes from that time.  It's the FOOD that is killing me so today I was going to start cutting out carbs and sugar,  AFTER breakfast because I had a piece of toast although it was very healthy and only 50 calories.  Then I had lunch a sandwich with that same 50 calorie a slice and then dinner that was the kicker.  I made pasta carbonara.  That says it all...PASTA {CARB}onara.  To top it all off for Family Home Evening Rob made cookies for the treat since he had the treat.  Actually I made them because he was mowing the lawn and I had frozen cookie dough.  So I had to have two cookies.  Not a very good start, BUT on a good note, I'll try again tomorrow.

Friday, July 13, 2012

{CCFA} Take Steps for Isabella

Ok so here it is July something or other and I feel I've been running all summer long and I still have so much more to do.

BUT...through all this I am also doing the CCFA walk for a cure for Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis.  Remember Isabella was diagnosed last spring with UC and it has been a whirl wind year and a half.  She is doing good.  We just met with her GI Doctor on Monday and he said even though it could be better it could be worse too.  He tell that to us all the time.  So that is what we think.  She has flare ups every 6-8 weeks and is miserable for 4-6 weeks.  But she has great spirit and is thriving.  She is strong.

But we need your help, there is NO cure for this stinking disease.  She will have it forever unless there is a cure or they remove her colon.  We are doing a walk in her honor Sunday September 9th at the local Huntsville Botanical Garden.  We are trying to raise money and our team goal is  $1500.  It may seem like a lot but last year we came close to that goal.  Please help, any amount is appreciated and if you'd like to come walk with us, be there by 3PM.

Click on the link above and it will take you to the take steps site.  Click on DONATE NOW, put in Isabella Fratangelo and click on her name or the team name which is The B Team, then you can join our team or donate to her.  Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.  

The top picture is the day she was diagnosed and the bottom one is from a makeover party she had a few months ago.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{This &That}

So it has been a whirl wind month since my last post but here are some pictures that should cover it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My {5K}

I did it, didn't think I wanted to but after a year and a bit I decide I could and then I'd never have to do it again.  I was the fasted little fat girl out there and I did great for my first run.  There were a few minutes where I had to breathe deeply and calm down and say a prayer but as I was finishing I saw my friend Mandy cheering me on.  I heard the announcer mention that this was my first run and I sprinted to the end in my little fat girl sprint.  It was amazing, running through they said I could stop running and I even received a metal.  So cool.

So recap:  The first two miles were fairly easy keeping a 14 minute mile.  The last 1.1 mile was the kicker, I hadn't practice this part and it was set up as a double helix since that was who was sponsoring the run.  It was up down curve curve all the way til the end with the incline to the finish.

I did it, I didn't let my fears of my looks take over and I did my best.  I now want to do it again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

{Gifts} for Mothers

 So here are three ideas, the prices are for VINYL ONLY.  The first one is {Believe in Yourself}.  You'll receive one 2x6, with your choice of color and two rinestones.  They are $1.50 each and $.55 shipping, for ordering up to 10, over ten will be $1.10 shipping.
 The second is this great quote by President Packer.  It measures 8x11 and the writing is in brown and you choose the color of the flowers.  The price is $10.50  and is for VINYL ONLY plus $1.65 for up to 10.  Over ten shipping goes up to $2.20.
The final one is SIMPLIFY, really how much better than this.  This one measures 4x20 and comes in white but of course you can choose your own color.  The price of this one is $7.00 for VINYL ONLY plus $1.65 shipping up to ten.  More then ten shipping will go up to $2.20
If you are interested in any of these please email me.  At this time I only accept pay pal and checks.  ALL local pick ups are free:)

Friday, April 6, 2012


I love this much love, in the simple words.  Go tell my brethren that I have ascended to my Father which is your Father, my God which is your God. (John 20:17)  I think that is my favorite phrase of this clip. 

I am coming to hate, yes I said hate the commercialism of holidays.  It really hit me this holiday, my kids expect gifts, why, have we been giving them that much, too much all these years.  I don't want the easter bunny to visit.  I don't want to color eggs and hide them.  I don't want baskets full of candy.

I want the  simple understanding of what Jesus has done for us.  I want them to feel it as I do the sacrifice that was made so that we can live with our Father in heaven again and with our family.  The purpose of atonement is to correct or overcome the consequences of sin.  Jesus Christ was the only one capable of performing the magnificent Atonement because He was the only perfect man and the Only Begotten Son of God the Father.  Because of him and the choices I've made, I will live with my family eternally.

Here is another similar video with an Apostles thoughts, sometimes I'm not very articulate.  But I feel this deeply.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


What's the saying in like a lion out like a lamb. Definitely what has been happening around here. The tornados in Al, those were minutes away. For friends in our ward it was houses away.

Other news, Isabella has new fancy glasses and has been in and out and back in remission. Cole gets his new glasses in two weeks and was thing one this week for Dr Suess's birthday. And Gus really nothing new but he may be growing especially in his feet because you know when they eat like mine do food has to be packed down to his toes. That is the only way to explain the amount these boys can consume in a day. Also he has his pre k interview on Monday. That means next year I will have all three in school and my house will always be clean. At least Monday through Friday after 3pm. But hey I'll take it.

I am running my first 5k and so if your around and want to see this little fat girl run(me) then come out April 10th. Rob, well he doesn't like to me talked about, kinda the job stuff he often has to keep secrets and sign his family away if he talks kinda stuff but he loves it.

Last news since it is March I have a sale: VINYL ONLY 3x12 for $5.00 and shipping is free REGULAR POST. Order as many as you'd like:). Quote is Eirinn go brach means Ireland Forever it is in gold vinyl. Email me if you like one or more local pickup is always FREE.

PS all proceeds go to CCFA run in the fall

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{CCFA} walk kickoff

So Isabella has lots happening right now and we just signed up for our second walk for CCFA.  (Last year we raised the second most amount for our area.)  

And so now we are raising money to find a cure.  Did you know there is no cure for Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis which is the disease Isabella has.  She will be on medicine the rest of her life because of it.  CRAZY right?!

Anyway one way you can help is purchasing this vinyl, it measures 10x10 and you can choose any color from my blog herePrice is $12.15 plus $1.65 shipping and you can order as many as you'd like.  ALL proceeds will go to our Take Steps walk which is here in Huntsville AL September 9th.  If you'd like to join our team or donate directly go here.  Our team name is The B Team.  You can donate to the team or someone on the team.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Tang soo doo}

Cole had a demonstration today and he even got to break a board. But I don't know how to load the video from my phone to my blog:(


So be is home schooled this year but on Thursdays she goes to school to class for SPACE and last semester they invented something using recycling for their prototype and made a power point presentation. I can't even do that. Love it! Love this girl

{homemade} laundry soap

So here is my love for pinterest again. Homemade soap and it should last 9-12 months. I did and Downey pebbles the un stuff. Love it and I think my whites are whiter. Total cost about $15.00 over 9 months $!


So we took a vacation for our family Christmas presents only Santa and Nana, Poppy, Grandpa,Cousins, Aunt and uncles wow so they did not miss out and we had a great time at sea world, Lego land and downtown Disney. Thanks to Jim and Michelle for there excellent hook up.