Thursday, August 9, 2007

9 days in review

On August 1 the 35w bridge in Minneapolis thoughts were oh my, we only lived a few blocks from there. I drove across that bridge often...that is so sad. I felt horrible. on to other news...on Monday Isabella had piano lessons, she is doing great. She is on her third book and playing with both hands (just barely but still!) She is so smart! On Tuesday Cole and Isabella had dentist appointments, Cole's first. We practiced what would be done so he wouldn't be scared, I brushed his teeth, he says aah and lets me brush and look...he does it so good at home...BUT we get to the dentist and we go to the room and he doesn't want to sit in the recliner dentist chair...he doesn't want to sit on my lap in the chair...he doesn't want to open his mouth...nothing he doesn't want to do anything, thankfully the dentist Dr Tony is very accommodating and says lets try again next time. So our new appointment is December 3, wish us luck, and another nice thing they didn't charge me for Cole.

Later that night Rob's mom came to visit us and she is still here...that's all I have to say right now about that.

Isabella had her first day of school on Wednesday and Monday and Tuesday we practiced getting up and getting ready for school so we were up early and ready to go my here starts at 8. When we went to school on Wednesday, her teacher, Mrs. Kramer was at the door helping the kids get ready for the day...she is a great teacher (a mother can just tell). I cried when we left, I didn't think it would hit me like it did...just one more mile stone for her. She is a short lady, probably less than five feet tall but has a great spirit. Isabella really likes her. She forgot her lunch yesterday and so Rob had to bring it on his way to work, when he got to her room Isabella was standing in front of her class being the center of attention...her favorite place these days. I called Rob later in the day and said not to be worried, she'll do great. Today when we were leaving for school I asked if she just wanted to be dropped off or walked in. She said dropped off, I said okay, but then I changed my mind and said we are going to walk you in. She said okay but I am just going to do drive through pick up today, well see how that goes.

I have pictures but since I'm very computer illiterate I don't know how to down load them but I'll post them later.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dentist: The final outcome

So the dentist we went to today was at least fifteen minutes, YEAH! When we got there I filled out the standard new patient information and in no time was seen. They let me go back with Isabella while she had her teeth ex-rayed that is when they noticed that the previous dentist had missed TWO cavities...they were in between the teeth. So they filled three today and capped one(silver) and she goes back next week for the other side. These people were so friendly. After Isabella had her ex-rays the tech offered Isabella, Cole, and Talan a toothbrush and when it was time to leave they all got stickers and BIG balloons. This is the dentist for us. I love them! It so exciting to find professionals who care for your children almost as much as you do. So Isabella and Cole go back next week...this will be Cole's FIRST dentist appointment ever! I am so excited.