Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just catch up pictures

I need my curl cream

So I never knew this til tonight but they discontinued my FAVORITE curl cream about TWO years ago and now I can only find it on here is a shout out if anyone can find it and you don't live in Alabama could you send it to me? Here it is... Garnier Fructis style soft curl cream and here the picture...
PLEASE let me know if you find it...and if you are around here and find it give me a call.

BTW...we still have no running water in the kitchen...week two the saga continues!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break

So the week of spring break came and went. Very busily I might add. What happened to the break part of the spring? So here is a week in review starting with last Sunday. Sunday...I noticed that we have a small slit in our linoleum in front of the dishwasher, in the kitchen and that it has been bubbling all day. I tell Rob that now he needs to do something...he panics what to do? I suggest riping up part of the linoleum and checking to see what is going on. He does and if you know our kitchen, we have an island in the middle. So he rips and rips and rips. The water is to the fridge one way, to the end of the island the other way and the width of the dishwasher to the island...NOT GOOD! I call Brother Hammons and ask for immediate assistance. He'll come Monday. Till then dry areas and TURN OFF THE WATER! So no water til further notice. we now have our dishwasher sitting out in the walk way between the island and the sink. We need to go around the island to get to the fridge...I must back up a bit and tell you on Sunday I thought our new pup had peed on the floor and that had been what I was smelling now we know what it really was. Also that we would not have bought this house had we seen it first...but I was eight months pregnant with Cole and living in California also we were grateful for a home with a great back yard. So back to the week. Got in touch with our insurance and this is what she said. If the dishwasher is older then 10 years there may not be anything they can do...if it is the plumbing there is nothing they can do. if it is the dishwasher, they will not replace the dishwasher. So now we wait for Brother Hammons to come.

Tuesday...St. Patrick's Day, Isabella is in the parade...BUT FIRST...I have blood taken at 7:45am and wait for a prescription. On the way home I stop and get breakfast for the kids since our kitchen is tore up and we have no water in the kitchen...I decide that we will be eating sandwiches and cereal until further notice. Note to self...GET PAPER PLATES AND PAPER BOWLS! Brother Hammons comes checks it out says yes it is from our dishwasher and I asked if it could be worse and he said sure...asked how long this could have been happening after I told him we never have had luck with the dishwasher for the four years we've lived here...said a slow leak sure this is the I feel not sooo bad. On to the next task, Isabella in the parade. We show up at the designated area and only Chapman students and parents are there. No Ms. B that is her PE teacher who volunteered for this task. So we walk back the way we came and found her. She told everyone the wrong spot to meet. We get Isabella situated with Ms. B and go to our spot that we've been at for four is a tradition. This was the warmest St. Pat parade in four years also. Found Rob, got situated and forgot my the car, so sorry no pics. The rest of the day ends blissfully but with out running water in the kitchen and dishwasher is still in the way.

Wednesday...we are off to the Space and Rocket center after many attempts to our claims least three messages from me in the last two days and I called and asked Rob to take over while the kiddos and I were out. It was lovely...again forgot the camera but we all had fun and the kiddos were great! By the end of the day we still had not heard from our claims agent since Monday and it was now Wednesday evening and four to five messages later.

Thursday...Called our insurance agents left messages again! went to the Chattanooga ZOO...we had a blast, got a few pics with the camera and will insert them later. We LOVE Chattanooga and would live there if we could. came home with a screaming Gus and still had not heard from claims agent.

Friday...Rob leaves for a boys weekend of hiking and camping...oh joy?!...finally received proposal from Brother Hammon's and one of our agents called and exclaimed the next step...we talked I also exclaimed to her that I have not heard from our clams agent after leaving several messages all week. She checked and said she was in the office and should be returning calls...I just let that one stue. Also Isabella started coughing Wednesday and she has been taking her neb treatments and using her inhaler, now she 's had a fever for 24 hours, so off to the Dr...we are supposed to have pics...she could have a virus...or strep, but doesn't have the flu...I love our Dr but I think it's interesting that when they do certain tests it takes several days for the results so if tit is positive...infection spreads to others...hmmm!

Saturday...gardened...weeded hostas and did 10 plus loads of laundry...yes you did hear that right and the sad part is I still have three to four loads left for Monday. Rob came home and crashed so not one night by myself but two...also I received a call to teach primary in the morning. has now been a week the kitchen still looks the same and we are still waiting. But spring break is over the kiddos start their schedule again. Also I'm waiting for my primary call I think I'm destined to always be my head I think doom but I am a positiver thinker but I do wonder do I get to branch out? Break? I don't think so. I'm more tired then last Sunday.

Now I'm tired goodnight!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baggu Grosgrain Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!

Baggu Grosgrain Guest GIVEAWAY!!!!

Born 2 Impress GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Born 2 Impress GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!



First adoption meeting

I totally felt the spirit tonight. It was great. I love being a member of this church and know how to feel the spirit. Thanks Brand! The caseworker who explained things in detail did a great job and now that I've met her I feel so much better about her and her job situation. She has a great and at times difficult job and she gets to see these spirits in tiny bodies constantly. How can she not be touched and us from a distance.

I just want you all to know that love Heavenly father, my brother Jesus for this opportunity to live and love my eternal companion and have great kiddos who will always be mine and know that we will bring another sweet spirit to this bunch of silly little people is an awesome feeling and I don't feel overwhelmed at all. I'm grateful that I've learned to recognize the spirit and sometimes even understand what it is saying.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pictures from the last few months

We went to Mayfield Ice cream during was also the only day it cool!

Tracks leading to the building...does this remind you of
anything? Follow the yellow brick road!

This is the Mayfield Cow

The milk machine

Izzy and Mr. Mayfield

The boys...after the tour.

Family...after the you notice Izzy...she would not wear her hat after the tour for the picture...sometimes she's so girly.

They are sticking their tongues out because it is snowing.

On to the next subject...Cole's NEW puppy:

Cena: means Dinner in Italtian...Rob wanted to name her apitizer...we compromized.

Miscellaneous pictures that I like!

Notice the Nephi band around Gus' head...courtesy of Isabella

The kiddos and their pups

Poor Dinner in exile on a chair.

Where's the snow?

Cena says, "It's mine"...Gus says, "No it's mine"(that's what he'd say if he talked...if I remember it right it was actually shouting)... in the end you be the judge!

John will be proud! Rocker Gus.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was at my friend Mary's house today and we were talking about our adoption process and I said I feel calm and good about it. We went to the temple and all was good...I left my phone in the car but when I came back to it there was a message from my case worker and she will be coming in from Atlanta next Tuesday...We are so excited. So funny how that happened. I think it was providence.