Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{FOURTH} of July 2011

So the last two years we've traveled to Beaufort SC to visit family and go the Parris Island Fireworks display and live concert.  We showed our pride this year with matching shirts from Nana and Poppy and of course Walmart!

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LOVE Old Sheldon Church and we are so glad we were able to go with cousins...even with all the misquotes!

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{LIGHT HOUSE} Hunting Island State Park SC

So I couldn't go up because Gus was sleeping but that was ok. I think the last time we went up was when Isabella was 6 months old. So it had been awhile and this time Kemp came up!

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Hunting Island State park.  What a beautiful day and  WE SAW DOLPHINS...they were there two schools of five in a pack, but alas it was so bright I couldn't see anything and could only point and shoot and hope for the best...SORRY TO DISAPPOINT BUT I SAW THEM, so did Rob, Cole, Izzy, Gus, Gina, Bill, Nell, Jayde, Zane, and Kemp...oh all all the people who were there that day!


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{Museum of Aviation} Warner Robbins AFB GA

Off to Cousins at 6am. Beaufort is NOT that far but we have a stop to make first!

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