Thursday, May 26, 2011


 First, the last child from my womb just turned 3 (may 20th).  REALLY, I still have issues with this realization.
 Isabella just finished her 3rd grade year YESTERDAY, and we received a test that she took in the fall and she is in the 97th percentile in the STATE of ALABAMA.  ALSO the Dr declared here in REMISSION last Monday and is fast tracking her off her steroids.  YAY B!
Then there is this guy, what can I say...I LOVE HIM LOTS.  He just finished Kindergarten YESTERDAY and I noticed that when I was speaking with his teacher...Cole is just a few inches shorted than her.(he just went through a growth spurt...I feel it won't be long before I am the shortest in this family:)  He also can now spell his WHOLE LAST try spelling Fratangelo with out making a mistake.

My final thought, I am thankful for friends, family, Heavenly Father for keeping us safe over the last month with the tornadoes, power outages, severe weather everywhere that freaks me out every time I see it and I cry for those lost, for the Mother who held on but that her babe was ripped from her arms and now they can't find the babe...