Saturday, March 3, 2012


What's the saying in like a lion out like a lamb. Definitely what has been happening around here. The tornados in Al, those were minutes away. For friends in our ward it was houses away.

Other news, Isabella has new fancy glasses and has been in and out and back in remission. Cole gets his new glasses in two weeks and was thing one this week for Dr Suess's birthday. And Gus really nothing new but he may be growing especially in his feet because you know when they eat like mine do food has to be packed down to his toes. That is the only way to explain the amount these boys can consume in a day. Also he has his pre k interview on Monday. That means next year I will have all three in school and my house will always be clean. At least Monday through Friday after 3pm. But hey I'll take it.

I am running my first 5k and so if your around and want to see this little fat girl run(me) then come out April 10th. Rob, well he doesn't like to me talked about, kinda the job stuff he often has to keep secrets and sign his family away if he talks kinda stuff but he loves it.

Last news since it is March I have a sale: VINYL ONLY 3x12 for $5.00 and shipping is free REGULAR POST. Order as many as you'd like:). Quote is Eirinn go brach means Ireland Forever it is in gold vinyl. Email me if you like one or more local pickup is always FREE.

PS all proceeds go to CCFA run in the fall