Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eating your food storage

So truly we are told to have food storage but when you buy in bulk how do you use it? Sometimes it can be overwhelming. At least for me...but I found this great site called everyday food's the button that will take you there.

Kitchen sink working?

So this may be the day that my kitchen sink is working which would be good because I have half of a 70 lb pumpkin in the back of my van...some things are so beautiful.

Also school has been called because of the pig flu...I don't understand but it is noce to have the kiddos around til I need to kick them to the pool!

Rob graduates in nine days. We are so excited!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I want to cry...

So my kitchen is STILL broken, my bathroom drain is not draining correctly because I do dishes in there because of my kitchen(7wks later) and my kids knocked over my cutter and now it isn't working...on the one bright note...Rob is taking his last final from his last class today as an undergraduate student GOOD LUCK BABE!...also his board from their senior presentation received 2nd place...GO GUYS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Senior project Presentation is over!

Yeah, it is over...the project that has consumed Rob for almost a year is over and he did wonderful...he did have help from his partner in crime...Matt Fredrickson. They did great and kept it interesting to me which is good considering I have a hard time understanding computer stuff. I wish they had a prototype ready but They didn't have the time they needed and it still was good! Only thriteen days till the lst final for Rob! We are so excited and proud of him and glad to say it will soon be over. Also with three children, a wife and two dogs he is still graduating cum-laude...GO ROB, I LOVE YOU!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So we survived yet another strong storm with minimal damage...our neighbors shed once again flew into our yard...this is the second time in two weeks, so Rob was able to push the pancake shaped pieces back over the fence. This is the house behind us that has been vacant for two years and none of our neighbors knows who owns the home. Crazy! We have been warned not to leave because we were off to Mayfield ice cream in Athens TN but the roads are closed in Gurley and Scottsborro and Cole is stuck on the mountain in Dutton with no power hanging with his boy cousins. Isabella and Jayde are here playing horse-opoly. But bummer no Mayfields today! I hope all you reading this has had the same luck as we did this morning and am now bracing for strong storms again this afternoon!
If you guys are interested in a free tour and a three hour trip go to Mayfield, our kiddos LOVE it!
mayfield ice cream.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So the insurance came in and so our contractor came asap and they tore out the island and put a BIG 8x8 hole...just left it there and will be back tomorrow. So tonight we ate out pizza and tomorrow we will eat out and through the weekend we will eat out until my kitchen is fixed!!! Now i have a pile of dishes in the bathtub and am contemplating whether I should wash them or chuck them and by new ones...hmmm...the good me says wash them, the bad me says chuck them and the tired me says I can't do anything but stare at the TV.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Facebook? I joined...Why? you might ask...I truly don't know, maybe so I can actually see who is there or what it looks like but I must tell you, blogger is my comfort. But I did it and now I'm OK with that being there and me being here on blogger.