Thursday, June 25, 2009

newest board/class

So I know many have wanted a class and it has been a bit since my last one. This is not offered through RS so if you want to make one it will be $20 which includes, board, paint, brushes, sander, vinyl.
I will be holding a class tuesday June 30th @9:30am if you are interested let me know asap, space is limited...if you need to bring the kiddos they can play...depending on
drying time it may take up to two hours. The board size is 11x22,
if I make the board for you it will be $30.00.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

This is a great reminder of what our Dad's do for us...Thanks Dad Happy Fathers Day

And now Rob with a “Nugget of Joy”

This is Rob, the husband. It is a well known fact that I do not blog. However I have, as of late, felt the need change up Ranees play list. I have randomly inserted five (5) songs that are of 'Rob caliber.' I invite you to look it over and try to guess the 5 songs that I added. Here is a hint: Think Non-Chick.
Good Luck.

P.S. To all the tax paying citizens of the United States, thank-you for paying my salary, I appreciate it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Funny story on the way to church this morning...

Isabella who saw the van next to us disappearing behind us asked..."Guys who in that van?"

Rob says, "what van?" I say, "the van behind us...and I say I don't know."

Isabella says, "maybe he's coming to church." I said he might be going to another church, there are lots of churches that meet on Sunday."

Isabella says, "We'll he's wearing a suit and glasses and is bald just like Henry B Eyring(sp)...maybe he's coming to church. Maybe that's Henry B Eyring coming to church!"

We chuckled quietly to ourselves...Isabella is always picking out Prophets. When we first moved to Huntsville the first time she saw Brother Girard she thought he was President Hinkeley.

What a girl! I love her so!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Month of May

I know it is kinda late but I just uploaded my pictures off my camera. Lots happened in May...first Rob turned another year older(don't worry babe I'll always be older). Then he graduated cu me laud. Then it was Gus' first birthday...Then last weekend we took an impromptu vacation to SC through Atlanta. Here are all the pictures...

We had fondue for dinner tonight...YUM-O

Cole's got it right he picked it out...practicing with my camera

Temple flowers

Atlanta temple kiddos

Izzy took this and said we needed to have a picture of Moroni so we wouldn't forget...she's so smart(but don't tell her it will go to her head)

During our trip Gus tried Doritos for the first time and loved them.

We went to the Cartersville GA science museum

Petrified wood...Gus loved all the signs that he could touch

Prehistoric turtle

Big truck

Rob Graduating with the Family

Rob with the kiddos and Poppy(Rob's Dad)

Rob and I

Rob and Cole...he got bit by red ants...not happy

B and daddy...notice Cole in the background?

Gus and Daddy

The graduate!

Gus and his first chocolate cake...I think he liked be the judge.

Rob and Matt received an honor for there senior project...which is being published...the one on the far right is his prof.

Izzy at graduation with her teacher Mrs. Turner...B you ROCK!

momments to remember

OK, so I've been trying to find the time and quietness to write some thoughts of the last week. This is the best I can do...G is screeching, cuz' that is what he does, B is asking me that G wants something and I say give him something and C is saying open this, you need to do something while I'm writing this and trying to collect my real thoughts.

Now it is quiet for the moment. So I need to let everyone know how truly grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves us and knows what we need when we need it. I'm grateful that last week we didn't go to Nauvoo and that R had to work test week. I'm grateful that we were able to reschedule our beach vacation without any penalties. I'm grateful and happy that I have a husband that loves me and has worked so hard for himself and his family so we'd have a better life because of the sacrifices we've made over the last four years.

So early last week we found out that a friend and mentor of R's passed away and we knew two years ago that when this day came we'd go and we it was a blessing that all those other things happened so we could do this. One of my favorite parts of the service was when one of the sons(he had four) was talking he told of a story when they were young, this is basically how it went...

"so we were always getting into trouble and instead of my father yelling at us or hitting us he would calmly sit us down at the table and explain to us what we did was wrong all the while we were laughing, dad was laughing, we were laughing and dad was laughing as he was taking off his belt, we were still laughing and he was laughing with the first spanking we were laughing, he was laughing, the second spanking we were laughing he was laughing...pretty soon we were crying and he was the only one left laughing. Then he'd put away his belt and tell us that he loved us"

I love this story and I could just see PC doing that. He was with the single adults when R was in the bishopric, he was there when R and I were engaged, sealed and exchanged rings. He has seen B and C but not G but we have just so many great memories, especially his smile.

I am also grateful that R has a great job that he loves and that pays well...that made this last weekend possible. Thanks Heavenly Father...thank you for looking after our family and thank you for loving us and continuing to look after us in the future.

Since this is how it is I want all to know that I believe that there is a Heavenly Father who loves us, that his son was sent to atone for us, that we have a prophet today who loves us also and wants us to do good and live to the best we can so we can live forever with our families(that is my favorite part about eternity!) I love the temple and the purpose and promises we make there to ourselves and Heavenly Father. I say these things humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Rob is being published along with his partner in crime...Matt Fredrickson! I am so proud of you are super man! I love you!