Friday, March 24, 2017

Only two weeks left {B250}

Not that I haven't loved this class because I have.  I have had to step out of my comfort zone almost every week.  I have to deal with things I don't know anything about and learn things that I'm still learning.  I've had callers asking me for their business, no way, not yet. 

I am so excited for all my classes to be over truly because I miss my family.  I miss going to have lunch with them, or going on field trips.  Picking them up early because I miss them or having a clean house.  I miss going on vacation. 

So I'm excited to have this class over because it is one class closer to being done.  Fingers crossed I  will graduate end of spring semester 2018.

What have I learned this week?  Optimizing, still learning, I had a call from someone in Oregon and they talked me through a few things on my Adwords.  I was so grateful, sometimes I don't feel that I understand things and really don't know who to ask the questions to.  He gave me a walk through.  So I understand how to make an ad a bit better.  Also we talked about media networking and it is crazy, a bit scary, I am not a that even a word?  I understand the benefits but I wonder how much it would benefit my business.  I love Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and with my business that would work great since Instagram works many aspects of media with one publish.  So I'm willing to try to get outside my comfort zone and try Twitter,  Lets see how this goes.

Two weeks, only two weeks and I can clean my house again and two weeks and I can sit outside and play in the garden and go have lunch with the kids and do nothing and take naps and relax before those two blessed weeks are over and I start this all again with another class.  Thankfully it will only be one and not three.

Here is a pic of my recent work.

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