Saturday, July 29, 2017

REL 212 week 1, Apostle Stephen

So I have started another class.  A summer class which means it is religion and this is a continuation of my religion class of 211.  But this means this is my last religion class, last summer class and one class and semester closer to graduating.

So this week our lesson focuses us on Acts 1-18.  In those chapters lots is going on.  Naming of the apostles, death of apostles and new apostles all preaching the gospel through out the Mediterranean Sea areas.  This week through out of what I read I keep going back to Stephen in Acts 6-7.  I struggle with reading it not because it is hard but because they stoned him.  It is so sad and I don't understand why they didn't listen.  Then I relate it to now, now we have people who just don't listen.  That is their priority I guess they have that freedom to not believe, and most of the time we are not condemned to death for our beliefs and that is a good thing, so I guess we've moved forward on that end.

At it shows a video of these scriptures and shows it so lovingly and makes better sense.  I'm still not certain what happened for Stephen to be chained in the first place and who the person was that brought him in but the story is so touching and sad and in the end he asks the Lord not to condemn them, Stephen was at peace.

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