Thursday, March 16, 2017

Optimizing and backlink {B250}

Help...I do not understand!  I am doing the process but I do not get it.  I understand what it means to optimize but I am struggling with doing it and then I wonder if I understand it at all.  And backlink, I don't have any and what is that all about?  That I do not understand.  Grrr!  That is kinda how I am feeling.  Help me, will I get docked points if I don't understand?  Am I silly to not be understanding this, is this an easy thing and I am over thinking it.  So much, and in the end how do I make it work for my website in a positive manner?  So I still have a few things to add to my site before I let you all see it and every week I think I will have time and this week has been spring break and the kiddos were even gone for five days and I still didn't get to it, so now, I will just have to add those things whenever, my timeline for it is shot.  But it will get done, I do love it.  

Here is a lovely picture of food, this week is St. Patrick's Day and I made food for my in laws who had my kids and got sick as the days went on.  I made them Shepherds Pie.  {sorry that it is blurry, I have no idea why and Rob isn't here to fix it.}

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