Saturday, August 27, 2016


Week five, I am almost done with this class.  It is not a bad thing, I love learning more about the scriptures ad I definitely have.  I am also learning to magnify my calling as mother, student, child of God and when I think of it I definitely feel humbled and I don't think I am doing to well.  I am schooling our middle child.  6th grade and there are things that take time and I am a mom , taxi driver and student myself.  I'm also a wife and homemaker.  There are more but you get it, I hope!  Some of those things I feel I am miserably failing at.  But I am magnifying my calling as mother...that is the most important.  We are giving him the best education we can because we live in America and we are blessed with that as one of many blessings we have for living in this country.

Other than the feelings that I am having that I think I am magnifying my calling, I am not doing the things that will help keep me focused in this agenda.  I wanted to do yoga first thing in the morning but I feel I don't have time unless I get up at 5 and I am too tired to stay up all day when I do that.  So I feel bad that I just cannot or do not have time for that.  But I am magnifying by spending time with my kiddo and helping
him get the education he needs to be a successful adult.  I love this guy so much and he is so smart.  I wish others could see the greatness as we do.

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