Saturday, August 20, 2016

WEEK {4}

I read many things this week and I've struggled with somethings.  Not for myself but for some of the actions of my family.  AND I know that I have nothing to offer them that may change their past .  Their past is past but their future could be great.  So I have been reading the first four books of the New Testament.  Which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.  Do you know that they first three books are all the same stories but slightly different because they are their own account?  I had no idea til last week.  Also did you know that somethings that were written were not always literal.  I know I knew that but I also know that there are some that did not know that and no one told them so and so...ok so the story is my Dad fell in love and married my Mom.  Shortly after I was born or my brother were born he found out that she was married still at the time when they married.  Crazy I know.  So they divorce but he still feels that they were married even though their marriage was annulled.  Because of the verses in Luke.  So he has been single since I was 18months old and my 6 months old.  That is a long time to believe this.  Still to this day and it breaks my heart.  What a difference could have been in his life if he thought he could love again and that it was not his fault or that he would not be accountable for her actions.

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