Saturday, September 3, 2016

(WK 6} I'm Tired and am I Magnifying?

So last week I talked about my word which is Magnify.  This week actually the last three weeks I am so tired.  What am I doing, can I do this?  I need to take two classes in the fall and teach my guy his 8 classes, we have two soccer players, one swimmer, a AFROTC practice, cubs, webelos leader, scouts and family time...when am I supposed to do yoga?  When I think about it it really makes me sick, but when I look back on it I think I'm ok, minus the Yoga.  But Yoga was my to do all semester.  It was to help me magnify me as a mom, student and teacher. 

But when I look at these I am proud at what I have done...even if I haven't done anything for me, like yoga.  What do you think?

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