Wednesday, May 5, 2010

sleepless nights

We are going through sleepless nights lately and it isn't G but C...he is waking puking, in his bed and then sleeps on the three and is eating very little and only a few freeze pops...this is not normal. C didn't get sick until he was three and now, well maybe it is the allergies, they have been killer even for me and I am not into taking meds just live through it because they haven't been that bad, til this year.

And G had two diarrhea diapers last night...on a good note, I let B ride her bike the FOUR blocks to school by herself...I know and I know I did it when I was that is just different now. Wish me luck with the boys.


Mandy said...

Hey - it could be allergies - Sam especially vomits pretty easily when the sinus drainage gets too bad. Try to prop him up on pillows when he's sleeping and we had to cut Sam off anything to eat or drink after 7pm - even water can trigger it. Good luck!

Erika said...

They didn't eat any of that recalled romaine lettuce have they? Call the dr. if they don't get better okay.