Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Gus!

Gus is 2!
So I know this is a little late...May 20th was his day! But there's always time to celebrate!
I know amazing isn't it.
Just a few favorites about Gus.
He first loves, to love everyone, mostly Mommy(I can brag, I'm Mommy!)
He loves anything round, balls, cars, trains, hats, glasses...
He loves animals, DOGS to be exact.
He loves using his has for crafting and messing.
The one thing he doesn't like is SLEEPING...we are still working on that.
Also he is POTTY TRAINED...yeah, no more diapers!

New things he's learning...riding a trike, catching a football, putting on his shoes(crocks)
We love him and it is a little sad, but as Rob says if he was our first he would have been our last...because of the sleeping thing!

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