Monday, May 10, 2010

My Family

My cousin and family did a 5k in Minnesota and I love this picture so...if you could see the picture bigger it would be Cass on the left the front of there green shirts say Karen(my Aunt) for a cure...on the back of Cass's it says SURVIVOR and under it for my mom and for ME, Cassie. Her husband is next to her and the back of his says for my mother in law and for my wife...what a sweet momment that they were able to share with us.
My Aunt, Karen passed away 13 years ago from complications of Breast cancer and last August at age 28 Cass was diagnosed with the same cancer that killed her mom. She did a complete removal of the breasts and had reconstruction surgery. Went through months of chemo and is now in remission. My other cousin Chandra, Cassie's sister also carries the gene for this strand of breast cancer...there are so many reasons we need a cure, there are three right here in my family!
Anyway this picture was so sweet and touching I wanted to share. Also if you are interested in a breast cancer awareness sticker, I sell them for $2.00 and half the proceeds go to the Susan B. research for breast cancer.

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Becki said...

Man, it seems like everyone tends to be touched by breast cancer. I haven't had members of my immediate family (cross my fingers!) but Dan's grandma passed away from it when he was little. That is a very touching picture. I hope everything goes well for them!