Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...Dad

On this day that we celebrate Mother's Day I think of my Dad and all he has done, sacrificed for my brother and I so that he could do the job my birth mother was unable to do. My dad raised my brother from such a young age that I have no tangible memory of her. I think of all the mothers that my Dad put in my path so I would have good role models. Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Schlottman, Mrs. Brist, there are more but I remember these women most because there were around when I was under 13 and I learned the most from just being in there presence.

My Dad is the one who would say I couldn't have done it without Heavenly Father's help. He gave up his career because he didn't think it was best to get his children up at 4:30 every morning to go to the sitters. Or if he had to be stationed over seas who would be there to help he did what any great father would do and took care of his family the best that he could, without government assistance, except for once when I was in jr high for a six month period. I remember at one time he was working THREE jobs to make it so we could just get by. He was a janitor, worked at a lumber store, and KFC. He has an amazing work ethic and it is great to see him now after all these years still working so hard to help the family anyway he can, even if it is not needed.

I love that he loves our children so and I can always count on him. When I was pregnant with our first child B, I worried, 'what if I freek out like my mom did and leave'...oh I was so scared of this. I talked with my Dad of my concerns and he said if I ever get overwhelmed that he would drive the 45 minutes and come stay with me. That was such a reassurance. I never had that momment but I remember in the first year of B's life my Dad showed up every Saturday morning at 8am with breakfast in hand just to play with his first grandchild. What a wonderful gift to remember on this my 9th Mother's Day...the gift my Dad gave me is the examples from so many woman and the best example from him...Happy Mother's Day...Dad!


Clarissa and Matt said...

What an amazing man and incredible father!

Boyz Zone said...

I loved this post, so good!

The Glouners said...

What an AMAZING dad!!! Love this post!