Friday, May 7, 2010

my thoughts

So today I heard on the radio that a man had gone to a Lowe's store garbage compacter to sleep and the person working at the store started the compactor and the man in the trash was compacted to death. When I heard this I thought what an awful thing. Then later on in the day this story came back to me and it made me think how did things get so bad that you couldn't ask for help and that you had to sleep in a garbage can. When did it get so bad that family had no idea of the struggles you had that they would give up on you...maybe they didn't know, maybe you where too proud to say something, maybe...there are lots of this. It was just a sad note.

On to my other thought...OK, I cry easily...when I see a touching moment, hear a sad story, watch a commercial. I try not to show it in public because of the humiliation I 've received int he past...BY I tell my boys that if it touches you in a way that crying is it for you then it is OK...not a whiny cry though...that is annoying. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about...when I see a sharing, honest to goodness, not watching for another reaction sharing moment between my children. When the lady in line with me at the post told me today that her mother passed away and then her father one year later to almost the date and they were married 65 years. When I watched Lady Jane the other and just balled at the end because she was so naive and in love and strong...

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