Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, I get the best feeling when I do great shopping...any kind but since I grocery shop almost once a week that is my high...My best deals this week at fresh market were...BLACKBERRIES $.98 6 oz, ZUCCHINI $.98 lb, YELLOW SQUASH $.98 lb, RED and WHITE POTATOES $.98 lb, GREEN BEANS $.98 lb, and MANGO'S 2/$1. Great deals. Also I went to my fave grocer Publix and almost the whole way through Gus was yelling, he was tired and Cole was asking for a balloon, (we were of course in the floral area) one of the workers mentioned that the publix balloons were FREE and who can pass that up...both the boys got a balloon...that was one of my best deals there, my others...SARA LEE HOT DOG BUNS...FREE with the purchase of ball park hot dogs which were on sale 2/$5 which I think is expensive BUT I had a $1 off two so with the free buns it was worth it...saving there alone $5.00. Other great deals,YOPAIT FIBER ONE YOGURT BOGO, I bought one for $1.25 with a $1 off coupon I paid $.25. COUNTRY CROCK BUTTER 1lb BOGO, I bought one for $.88 and had a coupon for $.45 and double it and it was FREE with 2 cents returned. The last best deal was SOFT SOAP HAND SOAP $1.00 each with a $.35 coupon doubled I paid, a whopping $.30...such great deals!


Ashley said...

Those are some good deals! And thank you for all your advice. You've given me a lot to think about. :)

Davis and Shawna Schmitz said...

a fellow couponer! I am all over some BOGO at Publix. I like to go over the mountain to the one at Mt. Carmel and then hit the Kroger after that when I do my big shops. Good going!