Sunday, May 31, 2009

shopping deals deals this week came from my fave grocer, Publix. I was able to spend $35 and save $28 after taxes. The deals were many...they were doing a buy the name brand and I'll give you the store brand so special K cereal and the store brand FREE and special K cearel bars and piblix FREE...but that is not all. I had a coupon that said if I bought special K cearel and special K bars I would get $2 off sooo...I saved $7 on those four things and would have paid almost $13 if I had bought them without any deals. For those deals I paid $1.25 each great eh!

Next great deal was chips ahoy normally I don't buy cookies BUT it is a treat and we are going camping this weekend but I also didn't have a coupon even though they were BOGO FREE but I couldn't do it so I was finishing up and noticed on one end cap a coupon for buy one cookie(chips ahoy) and one capri sun you get $2 off so I took two just in case. I knew the cookies were on sale but I said to the three amigos lets see if caprie are on sale. Down the isle we go and sure enough they are BOGO FREE so we get two capri boxes for $2.69 and two boxes of cookies for $3.21 and with 2, $2 off coupons I saved $4 and spent $.48 for each of the four items...great for camping!

Those were my biggest deals of the week. PS Rob had a great deal too...Kroger was offering their contry time lemonade for 10 for $10 so he bought two and recieved a $1 off coupon toward two country time lemonade...he went for 2 more and the same thing happened...he and C did this two more time and each time came back with coupons at each one ended up being $.50 and it makes great food storage! You go Rob!

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Becki said...

You coupon shoppers amaze me!