Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Thoughts

My thoughts are unorganized and I'm tired...where to begin...Well, our kitchen is still uncompleted(is that a word?) Maybe it will be done before Rob graduates on Saturday? We'll see and since I can't hold my breathe FOREVER I better not try. Seven weeks and counting...but who's counting right?

Isabella went back to school today and I am so's hard having kiddos all day everyday for four days because they cannot go outside because it is raining and talking about the rain...we had beautiful weather today but now it is raining again and we've already met our total rainfall for the month two days ago. Total average is 5+ inches and we have had almost seven not counting what is pouring right now. The one good thing it is watering my garden which is growing...lettuce, beets, squash, lemon cucumbers, garlic, peppers, peas and beans...we have a few things that we just planted and they have not sprouted I give them til Friday.

I moved my "office" to the dinning/craft room. Gus is too busy and tries to run off with a knob to my cutter every time I'm cutting. Today he messed up some stuff. I'm looking to get a CD with a bunch of stuff that I can use on my cutter I think this will help things in many ways...although I cannot for my hobby habit has been GREAT lately.

This is a big week for Rob, he turns another year older and he graduates twice...that is a story in itself but basically there are two ceremonies. Also mothers day is the following day, my present this year is a trip to the beach with my girlfriend Charla for the weekend. Rob is getting to go to a movie, Star Trek and to see Gordon just dawned on me maybe that is why Gus' middle name is Gordon...nah, it's after the Prophet Gordon B. Hinkley!

I just want everyone to know that I miss my friend Amber. We've been friends since Columbia SC when I was prego with Isabella and I thought they were hippies. Funny what your first impressions of people are and how you change when you get to know them. I miss her so, and I know she is busy with a set of twins and a two year old and a dog and husband and YW President, but if you know her ask her to call or email...I miss her lots!

OK I think I'm done for tonight...just one more thing...this pig flu is ridiculous and out of control...what a bunch of crazy people we have running this place! OK now I'm done.

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