Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Gus Gordon Paulo Fratangelo born 10:43 am May 20, 2008

days old

one month old

two months old

4.5 months old

6 months old

7 months old

eight months old

10 months old

My baby is still my baby and he is 1. It has been a great year, which started out a little scary but once I was able to hold him all was fine. Gus is the hardest baby I've had, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He just started to sleep through the night(about two weeks now). He is a flirt just like his older brother, C. he loves the computer, cell phones, remote controls, dancing to music, swinging, riding fast, going faster and sharing his food with the dogs.

He finally loves his dad lots(which means he doesn't mind staying with him when I go out). He still has issues with space, escpecially space that C invades and doesn't get out of...if you've never seen it watch when you get a chance. First the screetch, then the glasses and now bitting...back off C, he's telling you! Sissy is loving to him, most of the time, but we are waiting for the day...when I hear, get out, don't touch, MOM...Gus is in my room and he won't get out!

I love him so and he's my last, so it is bitter and still sweet. I love you Gus, Love always and forever Momma!


The Wolfepack: said...

That picture of him sucking his middle finger is adorable!!!! Extremely precious!

CracklinRosie said...

I agree, that has to be my favorite picture too! Happy Birthday, Gus!!!

The Walker Family said...

happy birthday gus! and congrats rob on graduationg! YEAH!

Davis and Shawna Schmitz said...

Hey guys! great pictures! Just wondering - do you all belong to Chapman Pool? We just joined this year and had the best time today. Wondering if I could talk you into it so I have someone I enjoy talking to with my on baby pool duty!

Becki said...

Hope he had a happy birthday!!