Thursday, January 19, 2017

{B250} Week 3 Affiliate and Drop Shipping

Well it has been a good week for this class.  I am learning lots to add or put on a blog or website and I hope to be implementing one this weekend.  This week we have been talking about Affiliate and Drop shipping and the difference between them.  And we have a simulated group that want to start a web business, want to start up.  We have to analyze and decide what is correct for them and not us.

I choose, affiliate for me which means I can have a company post an add of some kind of posting trying to sell a product.  The reader clicks and decides to buy, I receive a percentage and they handle the rest.  Easy-Peasy!  And as I have been thinking about this, I have thought of the example that they class was supposed to research and unless it was all kid friendly or specific to one type of selling I don't know that I could do it.  Such as Amazon.  There are some great things on Amazon and late last night as I was finishing my assignment I thought I can do this.  Then this morning I that so wise.  Amazon does have some great product and those would be great but since I have some control over what sells, such as book, household supplies, etc. but I don't have control over what type of books they'd post among other things.  But over all I love this option.  Just more research is necessary.

The other thing we have been talking about is Drop shipping.  Which does not fit into my already over flowing, take deep breathe life.  Drop shipping is  where you can choose what to sell up to 250 items and when they sell off your website or blog then, they send you money, including S & H and then purchase it through wholesaler and ship from their to buyer with your information.  Lots of problems for me with that.  ONE, TIME.  I have none.  Two, what happens if it gets damaged?  I'm needing to replace it, money out of my pocket...yikes.  As much as the profits are higher on this one...I am not that big of a risk taker.

Now for an encouraging thought, for myself and my future self.

This is case!

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