Friday, September 9, 2016

Becoming a true disciple of the Savior Jesus Christ {MAGNIFY}

My final entry for my New Testament Religion class.  The question was posed, "Did I become a true disciple of the Savior Jesus Christ?"  Using my word, or using my goal was I a true messenger of Jesus? 

Honoring my goal, I did not reach it.  Not more than a few times was I able or willing to put aside the needs of my family and obligations for my goal.  I felt unworthy to take more time for myself.  My school takes 1 hour or so a day and adding homeschooling my guy and all they other kiddos activities, I felt guilty,  Satan, stupid Satan.  So that way I feel no I did not meet my goal.  BUT, becoming a true disciple of Jesus, ABSOLUTELY!  Everything I do everyday, is to work to be better, at being me, being wife, being  mom.  A better missionary. 

19 years ago, September 7th, I was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Since that day I have shrived to be better, to live better, so that I could have a chance to live with my family together forever.  This week or the last 7weeks, I have seen my countenance and temper change, I have tried to say my prayers not hurriedly at night, I post church information on my Facebook page.  I have not raised my voice or have had to take a time out in several weeks.  Our children seem happy and for the most part have not argued with each other.  So we must be doing something correct right?

Even with these great things I do worry about things that I want to do and feel guilty for not feeling that I have the time to do them.  Although my family never has said otherwise, they have always encouraged me to do those things. 
Helping in Louisiana
 G baptism
 Kiddos in Tishimingo

Rob and I in front of the Birmingham AL Temple

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