Thursday, December 10, 2015

{Love Language}

The last three weeks in class we talked about our Love Language and how we believe or don't believe on how they work.  I LOVED it!  So we went to this website took the test and discussed whether or not we believed what was said was true about us and we had to ask three others to do it also.  My love language is physical touch and so were my boys, I had them do it also.  Rob was quality time, Isabella was words of affirmation and I asked my SIL to take it also.  Now when she took it she said it had changed and when I told my teacher this, he said he was not surprised and really neither was I she has changed.  Now I on the other hand.  I guess for my immediate family this is how I have been but for other friends and family I had to warm up to hugs and kisses and saying "I love you" to them.  So in the end it was a fun time for our family.  It made us more aware of our differences and that even though not every one is a toucher, like my daughter, they still want to have love and there are many ways to do that.
This was during fall break.  I love them so.

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