Sunday, December 13, 2015

{MY FINAL} for REL200

I have so enjoyed this class.  I have loved reading and writing my thoughts and I have done very well.  But can I tell you, I am done but I also know that I need to do it all again next semester.  I'm feeling a little burned out and wishing my home was back in order.  I also know that this is my season and things could be worse, but lets not go there.  I have been blessed with a loving husband who loves and adores me.  My best friend.  We have three beautiful children that God has allowed us to raise, so we need to do our best always.  I am proud that I am Mommy, Mom, and Babe.  Now I am proud to add student to that list, although it is hard.  I rather be Mommy, Mom, and Babe.  I am thankful that I get to do this program through BYU-I.  Some people are not that lucky.  When I graduate in the spring of 2017, I will be the first graduate of my birth family.  That seems so crazy to me.  What blessings God has given me and what a great example to my family I get to be.  I have really enjoyed reading and pondering the scriptures and the Proclamation.  If you have not read it do so.

This is my family and over this year we have not had one picture taken of all of us together.  So here we are.  From Pittsburgh PA, to Alligator Alley AL, this fall.

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Samuel Palmer said...

This is great work, Ranee! It's wonderful to have you in class! Keep up the good blogging, it doesn't matter if one, or a thousand people are reading your work. you are sending truth into cyberspace! Light it up, sister! -Bro Palmer