Friday, February 5, 2010

Cole's Surgery

Huntsville Hospital has a great peds program and it was great that we were able to tour it before his surgery and then this was the day of surgery...he is so excited to drive the jeep!

Decorating his mask...this is not the mask he used in the surgery but it is very similar.
He had to get a drivers license to drive the jeep!

There he went so fast, the Dr came in we talked for like 2 seconds and then Cole was gone I didn't even get to say see ya, but Rob got a pic of him leaving.

Cole just out of surgery. Popsicle in hand.

Our little trooper!

Poppy and Cole

With just getting sick from the anastisia, he did great and one last ride as he was wheeled out to the van.


Sandy said...

I hope Cole is doing all better. Bless his heart. I hate it when these little ones have to have surgery! He is a precious boy! My Micheal has had so many surgeries since he was 11 years old, I think I stopped counting them. When I saw the picture of Cole in the hospital bed it brought back all of the memories of worry. Our children are just so precious.

Becki said...

glad he did so well!