Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall break 2010

Day one Mobile Alabama, the Battle House Hotel and Spa and the Exploreum

Day two 'formal' dinner
Day three Cozumel Mexico

Day three part two

Day four Calica...or Playa Del Carmen

Day four part two

Day five Montgomery Zoo

Birmingham AL Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints Day five part two
This was our fall break in a nutshell...really I wanted all these pictures but I didn't want over load and I still think that happened.  I want everyone to know that we had a grand time and will be going again in a couple of years when  G is a little older.  Next time I'll take more pictures also I feel I missed out on lots of ship life.  There was so much to do and not enough time in a day for it all are our highlights...
  • I WON a spa facial...I loved it!
  • C LOVED camp the most!
  • B loved the pools the most! 
  • and C LOVED Mommy the most...his last day he finally LOVED camp!
  • Food was amazing and my favorite was the sit down although it was hard with the kiddos...notice the lack of boys at the formal dinner...there was a reason!
  • I only gained two pounds all week, on average it is 2 pounds per day
  • Rob LOVED it!  That was the kicker...would he?  Wouldn't he?
  • Our room had a closet that turned into a changing room for the kiddos (B and C)
  • We had a wonderful steward who was always cleaning...they cleaned our room every morning, put the beds up and cleaned every night, put the beds down and great towel animals...sorry no pics, see I needed to take MORE!
  • I went on the best was a behind the scene and they were all Italian (captain, engineer and their crew)
  • Rob and I loved Camp for the kiddos
  • The kiddos swam with the dolphins, pictures to come on that.
So I guess that is about it.  We left a day early and went to a great science museum the link is above and it was FREE...we love reciprocal!  Our hotel was AMAZING and B got to play on the grand piano they have in the tower building.  Our hotel is famous...clink on the link above.  On the way home went to the Montgomery zoo for FREE yes again, reciprocal.  Also stopped by the Temple in Birmingham...what a wonderful week!


Becki said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Your kids will never forget it I'm sure!!

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