Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Season of LOVE

Really I have no title but I thought this sounded nice.  I feet that this is my favorite time of year and I'd love for Christmas to last all year...I love giving, especially this year for some reason...maybe because I can...I am thankful for Heavenly Father and in his Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost...I think back on what has happened this year and I think of those, I've met, those I've reconnected with and those I've was all being overseen with love.  Our Father in Heaven loves us so and he is so involved in our lives, sometimes he sits back and waits...what are we going to do...hmmm.

Next a friend from high school passed in August.  I've blogged about it.  You can take a look here.  Anyway his brother Chad has had his moments and struggles...really who wouldn't after that, but I just read his blog post and it touched me...really commercials touch me...I feel that deeply about things...but I thought I would share this with you because it touched me so...

I think we need this season of Love all year, what do you think?

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