Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is an amazing story...about faith and eternal families, thanks B for sharing...as I approach my forever membership in this amazing church(12 years on the 7th)...I see how others are and wonder if their faith dictates who they are...I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know who I am and follow him in FAITH...because I have faith, I live my belief I know Heavenly Father lives, I know he sent his son, so we could have eternal life and I know that we have a modern day Prophet and his name is President Thomas S Monson I also know that it is crazy for people to pay someone to tell them what to think...I think for myself, I make my own decisions...BUT I do consult others...with no payment required(aka Heavenly Father) So why do you ask someone whether or not you will be together forever when no one has told you, but that person you paid...he will tell you anything, you're paying him right! (my ramblings)

I am thankful for the words together for all time and eternity...that brings me peace in my hardest momments, which at this time are not so hard. to be cont'd...

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