Friday, July 3, 2009

Grocery deals!

Target actually had some great deals and everything I bought was on sale and I had printed target coupons off to get the extra deal, so here they are...

Oscar Myer 1lb hot dogs $1.34 each and I had $1 off/2 so I ended paying .84 cents for each pack.

Next, Eddy's ice cream $2.33 store coupon$1 off = $1.33(yea for IC)

CORN ON THE COB 10/$1.00 best deal in town through Sat. limit 50

1lb strawberries $1.99 store coupon $1 off = .99 cents

So that was the best at Target, then I went to publix which is where I shop the were:

Green Giant create a meal 75 cents ONLY the asian version but that is a steal! I saved $2.00 on each one.

Yoplait yogurt individual 20/$10...I bought six with my 45 cent coupon I bought 6/$2.00

Jello pudding 3/$6 I bought three and had three 60 cents off coupons so I got 3(six in a pack)/$4.10 not bad!

Publix premium Ice cream on sale for $2.50 and I had a coupon from the magazine they send me for 1 off so it was $1.50...I ended up buying two ice creams for $ GREAT!

I don't normally buy soda but publix brand was 2/$1 so I bought splurge

Mayo(kraft) BOGO, I only bought one for $2.00 then I had a $1 off coupon, I paid $1

Pineapple was on sale again for $2.99 and I had a printed coupon for $1 off = $1.99

Kraft mac and cheese BOGO so I bought 3 because I had a buy two get one free and at publix anything 50 cents and under is doubled so I bought three had a coupon for one free and got all three for 50 cents.

Kellogs Special K BOGO bought one for $1.95 with $1 off coupon paid 95 cents

My second splurge MM super large bags BOGO and there was a $1 off coupon right there...end up paying $1.75 for each bag...great for cookies!

So in the end...I spent $49 dollars in grocerys and SAVED $65, yea me!


Debbie said...

awesome! so where do you get all of your coupons?

Ranee J Fratangelo said...

sunday paper and

Julie in the studio said...

It is so good to "see" you too!! (Thanks so much for the "beauty" comment, that made my night!!! Three children now! That is so wonderful. I am 7 mo. along with number 4. Wow. Where are you guys now?