Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deals of the week

This week before the beginning of school at Staples, IF you have a rewards card you can get a FREE backpack, FREE highlighters, FREE pencils and FREE pens. Now the free is with the easy rebate and gift certificate to if you shop there as we do and recycle your printer cartridges($3 back each) it ends up being a GREAT deal.

Publix has great deals on their fresh produce...banana's 49 cents lb, blueberries $2 pt, limes 8/$1, kiwi 4/$1, mango 49 cents each, cucumber 50 cents each, peaches 88 cents lb, green avacado $1.29 each, tomato on vine $1.49 lb,...they also have staples for a good price, smuckers jam $1.60 for 18 oz, Jif PB 40 oz for $2.79 and motts apple sauce 6 pack $1.66 each...these are some of my saving this week...after the Publix deal we saved...$41.03 and spent $50.90, not my best but good all the same.

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