Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

We spent our Fourth of July in Chattanooga TN listening to the local orchestra and watching the massive fireworks afterwords. These are some pictures that a friend of ours took while accompanying us while his family was out of town. We love Chattanooga and recommend anyone who lives within three hours to drive there. We started out at the Choo-Choo(restored train station now hotel), then we took the free tram to the Mellow mushroom which is our favorite place to eat while we are there.(we go to Chattanooga every couple of months) Next we went down the block to the aquarium where there is this flowing man made river that children can play in and our kiddos loved it...especially G. Then we walked the bridge that covers the TN river to get to Coolidge park where the concert was. At that park there is a water fountain that squirts water out of different animals mouths and they also have a carousel. The park was only half packed when we got there but by the time the concert started the park was was a great day and we love those types of things...what a great way to spend the Fourth of July...these are only some of the pictures. I'll upload mine later, enjoy!

First he wanted to walk...then he tried to

I had to take and make him naked...almost...this picture reminds me of the commercial where the babes go into the water and their diapers soak up all the water...this diaper was HEAVY!

What a cute kiddo!

What a cute family!

The walking bridge crossing the TN River

The Fireworks after the concert

( I do have more pictures, but later!)


CracklinRosie said...

The family picture is super! ;) We need to have a cookout soon. You guys have to come!

The Wolfepack: said...

How fun! We actually want to retire to TN!

Becki said...

Hey, great fireworks pictures! I love how happy Gus is. Glad you all had fun!