Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Febryary 11,2009

Well it has been one week since we received information on adoption. I feel discouraged also because of the person I spoke with. I also talked with my friend whose brother and sister work for this agency and without giving names...they knew who I was talking about just by describing the kind of phone meeting I had with her. Very sad on her part. I think it will take longer time than I wish to take...I've always had trouble with patience. I want another child. I would have another child if things were different. I know we need t be closer to heavenly father and do what he would want us to do. I feel blah about it though...does that mean we should be done. Or am I just giving in?

Rob is finishing his last semester and Saturday he had a honor society dinner because he is the President of it. He said there were 12 or 15 inductees and it went well. He says he is having a hard time adjusting to not going to school full-time. I'm excited that he will graduate in May.

Not much else here on the home front but these are my thoughts.


Erika said...

Don't give up on the adoption process. The whole experience can be nerve racking along the way. Some of our caseworkers left us feeling discouraged as well. Keep a paper trail/copies and log of who you called and when. We had to go back and redo stuff frequently. I think Heavenly Father will see your desire and do what's best for you regardless of the caseworker.

I'm so glad to see you blogging again. I miss you guys.

Ranee J Fratangelo said...

Erika- I've been looking for your I missing something? Thanks for your encouragement. Rob got a job offer for the base here and he accepted it. It's a great offer and we miss you guys lots too!