Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday January 25th 2009

Today we had church. It was very good although with three children and the youngest being 8 months it's hard to always get the message, but I definitely felt the spirit. I'm listening to Hilary Weeks from some free music site online right now and I feel so filled with the spirit. I need to try harder to have this more often.

Isabella invited McKayla to church today so she came and then had lunch with us afterwards. She is our missionary project.

Cole gave a talk today in Primary. It was on being a better person and being more like Jesus. It was great!

We should hear about when we can meet with Hannah in Atlanta, this week. I'm so excited but I know I need to stay calm. This is what Rob and I have always wanted, I am just not a patient person all the time...this will be a test in every way.

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