Tuesday, February 24, 2009

new week!

It is a new week and better things have happened. Last Tuesday was my birthday. I turned 33! WOW but truly I feel I still am only 28. It was the best birthday thus far since I've been married. The kids and Rob made me a reeses pb bar...big! And I received a mp3 player and the whole seven seasons of Macgyver. Love it! Rob took me out to PK Chang's Chinese restaurant and it was soo yummy! We were supposed to meet with out case worker about our adoption process but she had a delivery and couldn't make it. Our worker is in Atlanta and we are in Huntsville AL. So that is a three hour drive one way. So now we are waiting for a time she can come visit us.

Last night Rob had a scholarship dinner at school. Also he received a job offer that is great and something we've been waiting four years for. Rob only has eight weeks left of school and then he graduates! I am way excited. We all are!

Cole had a preschool interview with the preschool at Chapman. It went well and I hope he gets it. We'll find out in a couple of weeks. Just in time for spring break! Gotta go

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