Friday, January 23, 2009


So I know it has been 13 months since my last blog and lots has happened. Well to begin in May we had our third child. His name is Gus Gordon Paulo Fratangelo. He was born May 20th at 10:48 am weighing 8lbs 13oz and 21 inches long.

Eight months later we bring in a new year. With this new year come many changes for our family. Rob is finishing his last sememster in undergraduate college and our family is starting the adoption process. We are just starting and I'm feeling like we are the underdogs. Today I spoke with the regional person for LDS social services and I get from her attitude that there may not be hope for our family with having three children already. We want one I'm wondering if I should just be ok with the three I have.

Now to the three I have...Isabella just turned 7 January 2nd and is a bright, tall, independent, little momma herself that is beautiful and ambitiious and full of life. Her favorite things are webkinz, horses and the name Amee. Cole is our 4 year old tender boy who loves his older sister and younger brother and trys to please all. His favorite toys are trains and trains and the color blue more spacifiacally dark blue. Gus is our lovely 8 month old baby boy. He loves toys rolling and his big brother and sister. His new favorite toy is a funnel Rob picked up at the hardware store.

Dinner is doing better. She still scares the Mailman though. But she is walking better. Sh e definately loves the kids. The other night I was breasfeeding gus and she was on mu lap too, she liked his head like she was the mom and Gus just nursed away. Gus loves that dog.

Rob is working fulltime at Redstone arsenal blowing things up and analyzing the data. He loves it. He graduates May 10th(mothers day and three days after his birthday) and hopes to continue working there after graduation.

I am MOM...that is what I do and I love it! I love being a mom and my children are my life.
That is why I am nervous about this new chapter. I'm scared that it won't work out. I also have a 'hobiness' of selling breastfeeding covers, burp cloths and vinyl lettering gifts.

I talked to Hannah the LDS social services worker and I feel that she may not be totally on our side...I'll need to see what I think when I meet her. She said she would call next week to let me know when we could meet. Rob and I really want this.

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