Friday, July 27, 2007

Search for Birth Certificate

So today I needed to find my birth certificate.(Kinda should have already found it) So I said "OK when was the last time I saw it"...February 17th, I needed to get an Alabama drivers license, nothing like waiting til the last minute, eh? So I searched the coat I wore the purse I used, couldn't find it. Then I started to panic...I decided to look through every diaper bag and purse that I own. Couldn't find it, BUT I found $.83 and lots of paper garbage. Good cleaning I thought but where could it be, so I called Rob I said I can't find it. He said he took out the file box so I could check that...I did, my thought "didn't we just clean this out?"(Rob is a pack rat!) Nothing okay next I looked in the safety deposit box, every one's birth certificate is there including copies and Rob's dads. OK now I go to Rob's side of the computer desk, very cluttered, sometimes I put things up for him to put away. Cleaned a shelf nothing. Go to my junk drawer and look, clean it out.( now it is organized for a few months) Nothing, time to bring in the big guns because I need this TODAY! I go in the bedroom and pray to Heavenly Father for him to help me find it. I call Rob again, he suggest that it may be in the ammo case, because when he went shooting he put the papers in there temporarily. Wasn't there and I had no idea how many bullets we had(my dad gave them to us) Last resort, I cleaned off the computer's bad when I found that the majority of the things on the desk were mine, oops! Didn't find the paper but the desk is clean. I gave up, for a bit. I made the kids lunch and put the boys down for a nap. Then I researched the file box and was in the process of researching my junk drawer... there it was, YEAH! Complete, now Isabella can play the computer(I told her she'd have to wait til I found the paper) So that is the end of my Birth certificate experience.

The moral of this story, put things back where they belong, NOT where you found them!

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